15 Times Babies Had Their Little Minds Blown By The Simplest Things

As parents we have a very short window when our baby functions (mostly) as a source of our amusement. As they discover the world for the first time, we see everything through their eyes and, well, life can look pretty crazy and awe-inspiring and even a little shocking. The times babies have had their little minds blown by the simplest things remind us that, in the end, it really is the little stuff that can make a big different. Like, that box you've had in the corner of your home for a few months? That thing is a never-ending source of happiness.

Babies’ reactions to the most mundane experiences are not only hysterical, but force us adults to give pause and consider just how ridiculous damn near everything can be. Did I ever really get any pleasure from the toast popping up until it happened in front of my infant when I was wearing her in the kitchen? Her eyes popped out of her head and I nearly died laughing. I curse the day my baby realized the window to the washing machine was not actually a television.

Are we laughing at our kids, instead of with them? Yes, a little bit. But only a little and I think that's OK. Parenting is so often gross and frustrating and exhausting and thankless. Honestly, we could use (and definitely deserve) the laughs. Plus, we’re not laughing at their expense; our kids aren’t getting damaged for being unintentional jesters. So, if you’ve abstained from exploiting your kids for your own entertainment, please enjoy the following times babies had their little minds blown by the simplest things.

When This Baby Tried Yogurt For The First Time

It really is the little things in life.

When This Baby Discovered Literature

To be fair, I was pretty blown away when I discovered words and the fact that you could put them together in sentences until you made this marvelous thing called a book. A healthy obsession with literature is great for children, especially at a young age, so this kid's parents are #winning.

When This Baby Tried Some Citrus

We can all blame (read: thank) the parents for this one. I mean, what parent hasn't given their kid a lemon or lime to suck on, just so they can see the adorable face their kid will inevitably make? This is one of the upsides to being a parent; you don't sleep, but you get to see your kid make hilarious faces when something they taste is sour.

When This Baby Found Her Tongue

Fascinating. Truly fascinating.

When This Baby Took A Bath

How could that face bring you anything other than unabashed joy? I mean, making sure your kid is squeaky clean can be kind of a pain, let's be real, but when you get to see reactions like that? Yeah, water everywhere is a small price to pay.

When This Baby Discovered A Hair Dryer

If it takes me ten minutes longer to get ready in the morning, you know why.

When This Baby Realizes Water Is A Thing

Sometimes, it just takes a few (many) times to learn. Don't worry baby, adults are the same way.

When This Baby Plays With Wind-Up Toys

That toy probably costs a grand total of a few dollars, yet look at how much joy it's bringing that baby. Honestly, parents; you really don't need to spend an obscene amount of money on some new gadget. It's the little things (like boxes and wrapping paper and plastic boys from the dollar bin) that bring your kid the most happiness.

When This Baby "Uses" The Phone

Unexpected phone calls are the worst.

When This Baby Discovers Some Fancy Footwear

When you're a baby, and everyone picks you up, there's really no need for some fancy footwear. So, honestly, it's no surprise that some stylish boots would be so mystifying to a little one.

When This Baby's Toy Is Just Too Much

There are no words.

When Someone Amazing Happens On Television

I'm guessing this little one was probably watching Simone Biles do something incredible during the Rio Olympics. That's just a guess, though.

When This Baby Realizes He's Outnumbered

Is this a trick? Is this, like, one of those mirror tricks you can find at a state fair? What in the world is going on?!

When This Baby Discovers Gravity

There are some forces in life, kid, that you just can't fight. Gravity, for better or worse, is one of them.

When Laughing Is Just Too Much

I can only imagine how this little one's parents feel. I mean, chances are, when happiness overtakes your kid to the point that they can no longer sit up, you're feeling pretty confident and assured that, yes, you're doing this whole parenting thing right.