X names can be incredibly unique for children.
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20 Baby Names That Begin With "X" & Have That X Factor

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The letter "x" doesn't get a lot of love in the English language — not at the beginning of words. (X-Ray? Xylophone? That’s about it.) But if you’re trying to think outside the box with baby names, I’ve got you covered with 20 baby names that start with the letter "X."

Now that more and more parents are on a mission to find unique baby names that nobody else is using, the time has come to give "X" the attention it deserves as a first initial. Plus, putting an "X" at the front of a name automatically gives it a hip, edgy kind of vibe... an "X" factor, if you will. Unlike so many popular names, there won't be two or three other students in your child's kindergarten class learning to write the exact same arrangement of letters. (Not to mention, an "X" is pretty easy to draw, so you'll be giving your little one an advantage in the signature department, too.)

It's quite possible that "X" names are among the rarest of them all. Even "Z" names are a little bit more common, as are "Y" names, probably. (What is it with the end of the alphabet, anyway?)

Of course, "X" names aren't for everybody. But that's kind of the point, right? If anybody can pull one of these names off, your baby can.



Super cute and whimsical, Xandie is a variation of Zandra, according to Nameberry, which means "defending men" (fierce!). Even though this is still an extremely unique name, there is actually a famous DJ named Xandie who plays house music. You could also spell the name Xandy, which is also a non-gendered baby name.



A Basque name meaning "new house," as Babble explained, both Tilda Swinton and Donnie Wahlberg chose this name for their sons. And why not? It's a classic that's still got an edge. I have also heard it pronounced two different ways, “ex-avier” and “zavier,” so you’ve got some options there, too.



Listed on Nameberry as a variation of Xaviera (the feminine of Xavier), Xaverie is of French origin. It would sound pretty great with a French accent. According to Kabalarian Philosophy, the name Xaverie means your kid will be sensitive, quick-minded, creative, affectionate, kind, thoughtful, loving, romantic, and a dreamer who loves to spend money.



Sure, you could go with "Zander," but isn't this name so much cooler with an "X" instead? A nickname for Alexander — meaning “defending men” — the name "first entered the mainstream as Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s quirky BFF," according to Nameberry. Plus, doesn’t it sound like he’d be in a metal band?



An abbreviation of Alexia, Xia is derived from the Greek alexein (to defend, to help), according to Baby Name Wizard. However the name Xia on its own has a few different meanings according to different baby naming websites, including “glow of the sunrise,” “summer,” “and “rosy clouds.” Now isn’t that magical? And according to Baby Names, Xia is a Mandarin name on its own.



Xerxes (the name) has been around since the first century, as Babble explained, but it "got a boost in popularity following the 300 movie, which featured Xerxes, the man, as a villain." Even so, maybe your child will be an incredibly strong leader and warrior if you name them Xeres? However, the name Xeres is actually Persian in origin, and was the name of several Persian rulers.



Perfect for a warrior princess, the name Xena is a Greek baby name meaning "welcoming, hospitable," according to SheKnows. Additionally, in Greek mythology, “Xena was an immortal horse belonging to Achilles, given the power of speech by Hera so that he could warn Achilles that he was about to die,” per Disney Family.



This Spanish name has a pretty intense meaning, as SheKnows revealed: "Savior" (no pressure, kid). On a lighter note, Disney Family says another meaning of Xabat is “friendly town or settlement.” I can get behind the friendly part, I think. The website also notes it’s a surname and variant of Winston. How that came to be, I’m not so sure.



Another Spanish name, according to Mom Junction, this one has a meaning that's a lot to live up to as well: "Little saint." I definitely think it's a name you won't hear repeated in your kid's classroom, although you might have to spell it out for everyone every time you say it.



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Got a tow-headed little guy? Xantheus is a name of Latin origin meaning "one who is golden-haired," as MomJunction explained. According to the Kabalarian Philosophy website, if you name your kid Xantheus, they’ll be patient, a hard worker, logical, and have an “intense desire to be of service to others, which brings out their 'practical and technical nature.'"



Per The Bump, Xlya is a girl’s name of Greek origin and it means “wood-dweller.” Does your family have an affinity for nature and potentially live in a cabin in the woods? This name might be a great fit for everyone. It’s also really musical sounding, almost like a woodland fairy. So I think it fits.



Though this name sounds really punk rock and potentially like a superhero or comic book character, unfortunately Xeno means “strange voice.” However, in a positive light, “The name of Xeno has created a congenial nature with the desire to associate in friendship and understanding both socially and in the business world,” per Kabalarian Philosophy. The website also notes that they’ll be drawn to peaceful and settled conditions and naturally drawn to a home.



I am loving all of these earthy names, y’all. Xylon means “the forest,” and according to Nameberry, it’s of Greek origin. If you name your child Xylon, they may have the propensity to be idealistic, have an expressive nature, and be driven to be of service to humanity according to Kabalarian Philosophy. Not a bad personality to have.



An old dance instructor of mine recently had a baby, and she chose to not tell anyone what sex the baby was even after they were born. I believe she even put “other” on the birth certificate so the child would have full rights to decide how they identify. She named her baby Xade as a gender-neutral name. According to Kabalarian Philosophy, the name Xade “creates a quick, clever mind capable of grasping and assimilating new ideas.” I could not find an official definition of the name, however, so you’ll definitely be unique!



Apparently, Ximena is the second most popular female baby name in Mexico, per Oh Baby Names. And it makes sense, because according to the website, it’s an “old Spanish and Portuguese female equivalent of the Hebrew biblical name Simon, which means hearkener and listener).”



Xochitl is a Native American name meaning “flower,” according to Nameberry. Kabalarian Philosophy says that the name Xochitl “gives you self-assurance, independence, and confidence.” The website notes that people named Xochitl will be confident leaders and independent as well. Only “downside” apparently is that they’ll be blunt, however in a positive spin that means they’ll be respected.



Since we all know the letter “X” can make the same sound as “Z,” I believe they can be interchangeable if you’re trying to be really unique with your baby names. The name “Zeke” with a “Z” means “God strengthens,” and it’s the “casual form of the name Ezekiel,” per Nameberry.



Xinia is the “Spanish variant of Xenia,” and it means “hospitable” per The Bump. According to Numerology, they’ll have a “SoulUrge number of 6," and “people with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated,” per SheKnows.



The name Xavion means “fighter,” and is related to the name “Savion,” according to The Bump. Additionally, “The name of Xavion creates a quiet, systematic, and technical nature and a clever, inventive mind, attentive to detail,” per Kabalarian Philosophy. The website also notes that Xavions will be “attracted to working outdoors in nature, where [they] would experience the peace and serenity [they] so much desire.”



I mean, if we can have a Thackery (Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus) why not a Xackery with an “X,” right? The Bump says that Thackery is a variation of “Zachary or Zechariah,” and it means “Yahweh has remembered” in Hebrew. Yahweh is the Hebrew name of God used in the Bible, per Britannica.