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Literally Every Mom Needs To See These Hilarious Mother's Day Memes ASAP


This is 21st-century life for you: One of our most cherished Mother's Day traditions now is one that wasn't even an option when we were growing up (or when our own mothers were young, of course): I'm talking about posting a Mother's Day meme on Instagram, FB, Twitter, and every other social media account loaded onto our phones and tablets. Hilarious or heartfelt, they're just one more way we show our appreciation to the important women in our lives.

We haven't abandoned the old-fashioned holiday rituals, never fear: As Hallmark reported, Mother's Day is the third-biggest card-sending holiday in the U.S., so we're still stuffing and sending envelopes like crazy in the days leading up to the second Sunday in May. But social media is a much more immediate way to share our sentiments (no worries about the message getting lost in the mail!). Plus, it's free, easily done from home, and — because this is the generation of oversharing — all your family and friends on your follow list can see your messages, too.

Personally, I love the funny memes best. They sum up the triumphs of motherhood ("OMG, my mom was right about everything!") and sympathize with our struggles ("I'm the reason you pee a little when you laugh"). You can either use a meme generator to make your own, or choose from one of the options here. Consider it our Mother's Day gift to you.


I'm The Favorite

Some things don't need to be spoken between mother and child... especially if there are jealous siblings who might be listening to that convo. My own grandmother once delicately said that she did always have a favorite child, which child it was just changed depending on the day. Here’s hoping you’re the chosen one on Mother’s Day.


Foiled Again

Rare is the mom who can take her family to the supermarket or Target without the kids demanding a treat, pitching a fit, knocking over a display, or getting lost. This meme acknowledges one of the biggest challenges of parenting life, and the next time you’re out shopping with your own mom, you owe her a treat.


Old School

Remember the Dark Ages, when we actually had human contact and social media didn't exist? Your mom does. And because she does, she'll appreciate this one (because she does have an FB account and is still trying to get the hang of Instagram, of course).


Edited Card

Anyone who’s ever turned a birthday card into a last second anniversary card knows how effective it can be to cross out the pre-written message in favor of your own. And speaking of favors, this one reminds Mom that her work is never done (but please give her a break for the day).


Mysterious Legend

Is that how it works? The ways of parenthood are mystical indeed. The mysterious and high-pitched cry of children in their natural habitat is also heard emanating from the bathroom when they run out of toilet paper or need help wiping.


Supermoms vs. Slackers

If those supermoms can multitask that successfully, what's an extra task or two between friends? This one’s are for the moms who manage to work, do laundry, blow dry their hair, make a cake, redirect three tantrums, and exercise all before the day is done.


Better Late Than Never

Forget Mother's Day? Never! You're just such a terrific child that you decided to send your greetings in a unique way... like posting a meme the Monday after. At least this way Mother’s Day lasts a little longer.


Here's To You, Mom

The fact that your mom survived your teen years with most of her sanity intact is worth at least two margaritas, or maybe a beer or a glass of chardonnay if that’s more her thing. And unlike your teen years, maybe now you can enjoy a drink together.


Honest Coupon

At least Mom knows she won't have a problem redeeming this one… plus she can be sure she raised a child who tells the truth, even when it's an inconvenient one. There should also be coupons for going to bed without a fight, and actually agreeing to turn off the TV after one show.


Top Honors

Let's face it: Perfection is so overrated. This is a goal all us moms can strive for, and plus being an okayish mom usually works out just fine for everyone. After all, good enough is good enough.


A Mom's Pride

Aren't you just the best child ever? You didn't even need to be nagged to show your mom you cared enough to get a card (though mom may have dropped a few hints). Next thing you know, you'll be taking out the trash without being nagged!



This is one I can completely relate to. If you can’t add a montage of retro pics of your mom to Instagram, did Mother’s Day even happen? Plus, you may be looking at these memes because you forgot to buy an actual card (no judgment, there’s a lot going on) so thank you, internet.


She Believes In You

If Mom is your best cheering section (even when you don't think you deserve it), this meme is a good choice. This one’s for every mom who’s ever tucked a supportive note into a lunchbox, attended long, cold sporting events, or given their child a pep talk at just the right time.


Paying It Back

Helping her input her contact list and de-bug her laptop is the very least you can do, after all. It’s especially fun for everyone if you’re on the phone with her trying to explain how to add an attachment to an email. But hey, she’s done a lot for you.


Doing The Math

Your mother spent a crazy amount of time and energy, not to mention nearly unbearable pain, launching you into the world and then was sent on her way with Google to help her answer all her panicked questions about what to do with you. You know she deserves a good Mother's Day.


She Tried

Oh, well. She gave it her best shot. It's not her fault you turned out the way you did. She still gets an A for effort.


I Really Mean It

We love Mom, even when she's giving unsolicited advice and telling us the same stories about her childhood for the hundredth time (just smile and nod). Just because we down a glass of Chablis after we visit doesn't mean we don't adore her. Really.



A good mother knows what's really important, and it sure isn't the gender of her in-laws. If she has her eye on the prize (grandchildren) she’s not going to care how they get here, but she is going to make her desire known.


All The Sacrifices

Well, no one ever said we'd get rich by having children, did they? Besides, if we didn't make sacrifices, we wouldn't be able to enjoy playing the martyr now and then. Plus I’m sure it was really essential for you to have those Mavi jeans and Airwalks mom paid for in the ‘90s.



Personal contact? With your own mother? That is so 20th-century. Plus, even if your mom doesn’t actually have Instagram, there’s no shame in wanting to show off a few cute pictures of yourself as a child plus a couple of your mom looking like a total babe.

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