Prince Louis is already the life of the party.
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Just 20 Adorable Photos Of Prince Louis To Convince You He's The Life Of The Party

The youngest child of Kate Middleton and Prince William is officially 2 years old and the little royal is indisputably adorable as evidenced by the many photos taken of Prince Louis being the absolute life of the party at all times. Ever since he was old enough to have expressions on his cherubic little face, Prince Louis has been all smiles, cheesing for the camera and hamming it up at every opportunity.

Prince Louis was born on April 23, 2018 at St. Mary's in London. He is, of course, the younger brother of 4-year-old sister Princess Charlotte and 6-year-old brother Prince George, and is clearly a delight to his parents. Last year, for instance, when Prince Louis made his debut on the balcony at Buckingham Palace for the annual Trooping the Colour for Queen Elizabeth's birthday celebration in July, he could barely contain his joy at the festivities. And both Prince William and Middleton were seen laughing at his hilarious antics as they each took turns holding him in their arms while he waved at the crowds and laughed his head off. Even Prince Charles, little Prince Louis' grandfather, seemed to get a real kick out of his grandson.

Since then, Kate Middleton has spoken about how Prince Louis keeps her busy as he gets older and more mobile. And as this collection of photos show, he certainly keeps on getting cuter, too.

Prince Louis, AKA The Little Prince Charming

When Prince Louis was christened in July 2018, he was already proving to be the happiest little guy a mom could ask for and Kate Middleton looked utterly charmed.

Princess Charlotte's Baby Doll

Please look at the expression of adoration on Princess Charlotte's face as she gazes at her baby brother. It's like she knows he's going to be a blast.

Prince Louis Knows His Angles

When Prince Louis posed for his first official royal Christmas photo with his family on the grounds of Anmer Hall, he wore dark blue tights and stared straight into the camera with an impish expression. He clearly knows his angles.

Prince Louis And His Contagious Smile

There doesn't seem to be a time when Prince Louis isn't ready for a smile. Certainly not on his first birthday, when his mom took his photo to celebrate the occasion.

All Eyes On Prince Louis

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His grandmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall got a kick out of Prince Louis' fascination with the planes.

Prince Louis Going Round And Round The Garden

When Kate Middleton created a "Back to Nature" themed garden for the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019, her kids all loved it. And Prince Louis seemed to run rings around it with his father, the future King, following in his wake.

Prince Louis In The Swing Of Things

I don't know what Prince Louis was saying to his father while on the swing in Kate Middleton's garden, but it was clearly pretty funny.

Prince Louis Hamming It Up For Mom

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When Kate Middleton took her kids to watch Prince William play in a charity polo match last July, she was obviously distracted by Prince Louis hamming it up in a pair of sunglasses.

Future Kings Get No Respect

When the royal family got together for a photo shoot to celebrate Prince Charles' 70th birthday, Prince Louis was not above clutching the future king's face and poking him in the eye. All to get those laughs.

Prince Louis Wearing A Puppy Sweater Like A Boss

Please tell me anyone who can wear a puppy sweater as well as Prince Louis. I'll wait.

Can't Get Enough Of Prince Louis' Love

Prince Charles really can't seem to stop grinning over his third grandchild and who can blame him?

Prince Louis Getting Some Big Sister Love

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Princess Charlotte might not have been into a hug from her little brother at a polo match in July, but it didn't stop him from trying his best.

Prince Louis Preparing For A Sneaky Surprise

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Prince George looked busy watching the Trooping the Colour last July, but his baby brother might have been moving in for a sneaky surprise from behind.

Prince Louis Getting Kisses From Dad

Prince William can't get enough of his baby boy in a photo taken by Kate Middleton for the family 2019 Christmas card. Princess Charlotte can't seem to get enough of him either.

Prince Louis Waving At His Many Fans

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Prince Louis waited to join the rest of the royal family for the Trooping the Colour with his big sister Princess Charlotte and perfected his wave.

Backseat Driver

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Prince Louis didn't look too concerned from the backseat of his mom's car about joining the Queen for her Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace in December. Probably because he knew he would be the life of the party.

Prince Louis Getting His Snack On

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Being as charming as Prince Louis probably takes up a lot of energy. No wonder he needs to stock up on snacks.

Prince Louis Practicing His Material On Baby Archie

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After Kate Middleton laughed at Prince Louis wearing sunglasses, it looked like he wanted to try out his material on his aunt Meghan Markle and her new baby Archie last July.

Who Needs A Chair When You've Got A Mom?

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Prince Louis casually hangs out on his mom's lap while she does a deep squat in heels, no less.

Prince Louis Clapping For Carers

Prince Louis joined his big brother and big sister to show his appreciation for health care workers in March as part of #ClapForCarers. He really got into it, too.

Prince Louis not just the life of the party, he's also learning to be a nice guy. And that's a pretty great combo for someone who is just 2 years old.