These Names For Aries Dogs Are As Feisty As Your Favorite Furball

Naming a pet isn't quite as official as naming a child (you don't have to set it down permanently on a birth certificate or social security card, after all), but that doesn't mean it isn't serious business for many fur moms and dads. Finding a name that suits your dog's personality as well as your own isn't easy, but there are so many places to look for inspiration. That includes the zodiac, because animals have star signs, too. Perfect names for Aries dogs, for example, might reflect their fearless and curious nature.

If your pup was born between March 21 and April 19, explained that they're an Aries. You can expect them to be super inquisitive, according to Dogs Naturally, which might give them a nose for mischief. The Dogington Post noted that Aries canines typically have "alpha dog" personalities and will want to be the leader of the pack. And with Aries being one of the zodiac's three fire signs, you can expect your doggo to be a fast-moving, feisty bundle of energy, according to Astro Library. It sounds like an Aries pup may be a bit of a handful, but it also seems like there'll never be a dull moment with one by your side.

Here are 21 names that just might be a perfect match for your furry friend's amazing Aries energy.



An Aries pup with a natural sense of curiosity may be constantly on the move. Your little Rover will likely cover tons of ground looking for adventure and/or trouble.



Your furry Aries sidekick may not always be the best at following your lead. A name like Rogue could be perfect for a pup who loves to strike out on their own when curiosity calls.



Scout is another great name for a dog who loves to sniff out new things. Canine Journal noted that it means "first explorer," so expect a pup named Scout to be constantly straining their leash.



Who's more naturally curious and inquisitive than the famous Sherlock Holmes? Naming your dog after the literary detective is an adorable option, whether you've read the books or simply scoped out the Benedict Cumberbatch show on Netflix.



Watson may be relegated to the sidekick role, but he's just as cool as Sherlock. Since your dog is your trusty sidekick in life, Watson may even be the more fitting name choice.



OK, it may not be the most original choice out there, but what could be more fitting for a fire sign pup than Sparky? I think pretty much every dog lover has met a Sparky at some point, and I'm confident they've all been very good boys.



Anyone who's got a Paw Patrol obsessed kiddo at home will recognize the adorableness of the name Marshall for a fire sign pup. It works especially well if you happen to own a dalmation, but it's cute and punny no matter what.



The short and sweet name Ash is another option to underscore your Aries dog's fire sign connection. It's even more appropriate if your pup's coat is in the gray/black/white range.



Aries dogs know no fear, according to Pet Helpful, so Courage could be a great choice. It's even more perfect if you're nostalgic for late '90s/early 2000s cartoons.



There are tons of people names to choose from if you're looking for one that means courage. That includes Reilly, according to Baby Center.



If your Aries pet lives up to their brave nature, a name like Leo could be perfect. It underscores their lion-hearted side, since the name literally means "lion," according to Baby Center.



Indiana Jones could be a great namesake for an Aries pup. He embodies so many of the sign's traits, after all — courage, curiosity, adventure, and more.



Your dog is bound to be a bundle of energy thanks to Aries' influence. A name like Max tells the world that your pet goes full-speed on everything they do.


Rowdy noted that Aries dogs need lots of space to run around and burn off their energy, making Rowdy an adorable choice for a pup that just can't sit still. It also just might serve as a warning to anyone who comes to visit that they should expect to be jumped all over by a dog who wants to play non-stop.



If your dog is basically a blur most of the time because they love nothing more than to run, Dash is a super cute name option. You'll definitely need an extra long leash for this little guy.



Your Aries pup may drive you up the wall at times, but their sweet and happy nature will likely more than make up for it. Smiley could be the perfect choice for a dog who just loves life and all the fun adventures it has to offer.



Aries is ruled by Mars, according to Astrograph, which is otherwise known as the Red Planet. That makes color names like Red a fitting choice for your Aries pup, even if their fur is black or yellow or white.



Rusty's another good pick for a pup ruled by the Red Planet. Pet Helpful noted that it's one of the most popular names for dogs, so don't be surprised if you call out for your pup at the dog park and few more Rusty pups come running.



Scarlett is another great shade-of-red name for an Aries dog, but don't be surprised if you get side-eyed by anyone in your social circle who may have had it earmarked as a baby name. It's been on the top 20 most popular girls name list for the past two years, according to the Social Security Administration website.



Aries dogs have a fierce side that makes them ideal guard dogs, according to VeAnimals. I always think of the three-headed Fluffy from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when I think of a ferocious guard dog. It's a name so unsuitable that it becomes perfectly suitable.



Aries season starts right when springtime hits, so sweet, seasonal names will work great. I love the name Daisy for a chill girl pup who's as bright as a flower.