These 21 'Game Of Thrones' Cat Names Are Befitting Of Your Fierce Feline

by Kristina Johnson

George R.R. Martin created an epic and expansive world when he wrote A Game of Thrones more than 20 years ago, right down to the unique names he gave his characters. I love that so many of the names in the series are Martin's own invention, and didn't exist in the world until he dreamed them up. Some of them have taken off in popularity for new babies, and if you're a pet owner, there's tons of inspiration to draw from for Game of Thrones cat names as well.

Animals feature pretty heavily in the world of Thrones, from Daenerys' dragons to the Stark direwolves, and of course, all those ravens. Names are super significant, too — you're much more powerful if you've got a well-known one, and it can be explosive when a secret one is revealed. There's no secret about these cat names, though — they're just super cute and fitting for all types of feline friends.

Here are 21 cat names that are perfect for any Game of Thrones-loving household, but I have just one warning — you may want to wait until you've seen the finale before deciding on a name... if you've seen the second to last episode, you'll know exactly why.


Ser Pounce

King Tommen may have died a few seasons ago, but for all we know, his beloved cat Ser Pounce is still roaming around King's Landing (well, maybe not after Daenerys arrived). I love this name for a cute and playful kitty.


Lady Whiskers

Ser Pounce may have gotten all the screen time, but book readers might recall that Tommen had more than one cat. He dubbed one of them Lady Whiskers, according to the Game of Thrones wiki, a fantastic name for a regal kitten.



Tommen's third cat was called Boots, which is super cute for a white-footed furball. Not sure why Boots didn't get the honor of a title like his litter mates, though.



Lady Stark, gone way too soon, makes an awesome namesake for a pet. She's wise, fierce, loving (except to poor Jon Snow), and protective, all qualities that you want in your new furry BFF.



One of the greatest heroes of the series (and the best assassin in the world), Arya's definitely cool enough to pay homage to with a cat name.



Sansa may have started out a young and silly girl, but now she's a strong and brilliant woman who might just end up winning the game of thrones.


Jon Snow

Got a Persian cat with snowy white fur? Then Jon Snow is obviously a fitting choice. If it's a girl, just Snow will do.



Jon named his all white direwolf Ghost, which works just as well for a white cat. Just, um, be a little more responsible of a pet owner with your Ghost than Jon was with his.


Grey Wind

You can steal your name from Robb's direwolf if you've got a grey-furred kitty.



In the books, Bran struggles to name his direwolf at first. He ultimately decides on Summer because his pet brings him warmth, which is an unbelievably cute reason to borrow this name.



Sansa's direwolf may have been the first to go, but Lady deserved a far better fate. Keep her memory alive with a namesake kitten.



Like Arya, Nymeria just can't really be tamed. This is the perfect name for a cat who needs plenty of time and space to prowl around outdoors.



A female cat with a warrior's instincts has no better namesake than Brienne. Make that Ser Brienne, actually.



Kit Harington has brought Jon Snow to life on screen for the past eight seasons, and if you're among the legions of fans who love his brooding good looks, you might consider bestowing his first name on your new kitten.



No character deserved more screen time than Syrio Forel, Ary's water dancing sword master. Syrio made catching stray cats an integral part of Arya's training, because it improved her stealth and speed.



Daenerys's last remaining dragon, the black-scaled Drogon, could be a good namesake for black cats.



Game of Thrones watchers may not know about this, but book readers might remember that there's an extremely old and mean black cat that roams the Red Keep. Many readers think it's Balerion, a cat owned by one of the slain members of the Targaryen family, according to A Wiki of Ice and Fire.



The Lannister sigil features the biggest cat of all, a snarling lion. Naming your cat after someone from this House makes sense, and Tyrion has proven himself to be the best of the bunch.



You can go with Missy for short if you name your feline friend after Missandei of Naath. Hopefully you and your cat will be as tight as Missandei and Danenerys were.



Got a ginger colored cat? Beloved, scene-stealing ginger Tormund Giantsbane would make an excellent namesake.



Jon Snow's redheaded old flame, Ygritte, is another great namesake for a ginger kitty who's fur has been "kissed by fire."