25 Baby Names For Fire Signs That Burn Just As Bright As Your Sparky Little Firecracker


Picking the perfect baby name is one of the most fun and most stressful duties of becoming a parent. You're tasked with choosing a name that represents who your child is to the world, despite the fact that you don't know them very well yet. One way to pick a name that could potentially mesh well with their personality is to choose a moniker linked to their zodiac sign. There are tons of unique baby names for fire signs that could be super fitting for your little firecracker.

The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, according to Insightful Astrology. If your child is born under any one of these three signs, there are plenty of fiery names to choose from. Fire can be both a life-giving force and a destructive one, so you can choose names connected to light, heat, or flames.

You can also look to their specific sign for direction. Leos are all about spreading joy, according to, so names linked to happiness will be a great fit. Aries are born leaders, according to Astrostyle, so stately names will suit them. noted that Sagittarius has a reputation for candor, so names meaning honesty could ring true.

Here are 25 baby names that could be the perfect choice for your bundle of joy.

1. Phoenix


Both sides of fire's dual nature are represented in the mythological Phoenix, a bird said to die in a burst of flames before being reborn from the ashes. Babble noted that the name Phoenix is considered unisex, and was chosen by former Spice Girl Mel Brown for one of her daughters.

2. Aidan

Aidan has been one of the most popular boys name in the U.S. for the past decade or so, according to Baby Center, and it's a great choice for a baby with a fire sign. That's because it means "fiery," and was the name of the Celtic god of the sun.

3. Seraphina

Seraphina sounds so sweet, dainty, and feminine, but She Knows noted that its meaning is totally fierce. The moniker chosen by Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for one of their daughters means "fiery-winged."

4. Blaise

Blaise might actually mean "stuttering," according to Baby Name Wizard, but its similarity to "blaze" conjures images of fire.

5. Mishal

Mishal means "source of light," according to Sweetly fitting, since a baby swiftly becomes the light of your life.

6. Cyrus


Cyrus has roots in Persian and means "sun," according to Mom Junction. Us Weekly reported that actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy chose the name for one of their sons.

7. Dawn

How could a little one named Dawn be anything but full of sunshine? The name can mean "daybreak" or "awakening," according to She Knows.

8. Tana

Tana has one of the coolest name meanings I've ever heard. It means "fire or star goddess," according to Nameberry.

9. Stella

Stella may be the perfect choice for a spotlight loving Leo. Babble explained that the name means "star" in Latin.

10. Tara

Tara is another great choice for a Leo, as it also means "star," according to Baby Names Direct.

11. Sunny


Someone described as fiery might be a little intimidating, but a name like "Sunny" brings to mind someone friendly and bright. The name means happy or cheerful, according to The Bump.

12. Samson

You may know the name Samson from the story of the biblical strongman, but you may not be aware of its meaning. She Knows explained that it's derived from Hebrew and means "sun child."

13. Joy

Fire signs have a tendency to bring positive vibes and joy wherever they go, according to That makes Joy a very fitting baby name.

14. Farrah

So many different languages have a word for joy that can be turned into a beautiful baby name. In Arabic, that's Farrah, according to Oh Baby! Names.

15. Allegra

Italian's got a gorgeous girl's name conveying joy, too. Allegra means "joyous," according to Nameberry.

16. Helen


Fire babies are born to shine, making Helen an apt choice. It means "bright" or "light," according to Baby Name Wizard.

17. Emery

Your Aries baby may grow up with natural leadership skills. Emery, which means "ruler," according to Baby Center, could be a good unisex name choice for a future class president.

18. Emersyn

If you like the sound of Emery but are looking for a more feminine variation, Emersyn could work.

19. Hero


Hero could be a super unique yet totally apt moniker for a natural born leader. It's derived from Greek, according to Nameberry, and was also used in the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing.

20. Reilly

Aries babies may grow up to be fearless, according to Astrofame. A name like Reilly, which Baby Names of Ireland noted means "courageous," could be fitting.

21. Asher

Zodiac Fire noted that Leo is one of the luckiest signs. Asher, which means "fortunate," according to Baby Name Wizard, could be a sweet choice for a child who's destined for a prosperous life.

22. Felix


Felix is another fitting name for a lucky little one. The Bump noted it means "happy or fortunate."

23. Tate

Tate could be a perfect choice for a fire child with a happy personality. The name means "cheerful" according to Baby Center.

24. Verity

Verity is a name with an old-timey feel to it, but it's also a little funky and unique. It's rooted in Latin and means "truth," according to Nameberry.

25. Veronica

Another name for an honest Sagittarius is Latin-derived Veronica. It means "true image," according to Behind the Name, and maybe be derived from the name Berenice.