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Amazon's Adorable Summer Dog Outfits Are As Cheap As $1

Summer means shoving all the sweaters and coats into the storage bin and taking out every piece of clothing that's light, bright, casual and just screams "fun." That goes for your pets, as well. When the heat is on, it's time to pick out some great summer outfits for dogs that are both comfortable and eye-catching. Happily, Amazon has pages and pages worth of doggo warm-weather gear, all at prices that let you stock up on your pup's wardrobe and still have enough left for some clothes of your own.

Do dogs actually need clothing? Not really. While very small short-haired dogs may need extra protection in cold weather (per PetsBest), most other breeds do just fine without our help. In fact, according to Rover, dogs with thick coats have an insulating layer of fur that helps keep out the chill, and adding a coat or shirt could actually make them overheated. For summer, a shirt can help provide sun protection for dogs who've gotten a close haircut; some are specifically made as sunblockers, while others just cover sensitive areas. And others... well, they're just ridiculously cute.

These summer dog outfits on Amazon are ones that you'll want to put in your cart ASAP in advance of the holidays, cookouts, camping trips, and beach visits ahead. (Just remember to watch for signs of overheating when your dog is outside in the summer, and take off all clothes if your dog is hot or in distress.)