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30 Names Inspired By Water For Your Water-Sign Baby

Did you know that every sign of the Zodiac has a natural element associate with it? Depending on when you were born, your sign is represented by either earth, air, fire, or water. Each of these elements, incidentally, is associated with certain personality traits. Did you also know that it can be really hard to name a baby? The possibilities are limitless people! So why not narrow it down to names inspired by water for your water sign baby? After all, it can't hurt.

The three water signs of the Zodiac are Cancer (June 21 to July 22), Scorpio (October 23 to November 21), and Pisces (February 19 to March 20). Why they can often be worlds apart (I can only imagined how intimidated a gentle Pisces would be by a highly assertive Scorpio), these signs have a lot in common due to their watery spirits. A common component in water signs is duality — just as water can be placid and life-giving, it can also be tumultuous and dangerous. So it is with water signs. This can often translate to these signs being extremely sensitive and even temperamental, but also tremendously nurturing.

Like a freshwater spring they can be refreshing and playful, and like the ocean they can be deep and mysterious, these water signs can be difficult to get to know, but are often the people others want to get to know more than anyone. So with that in mind, here are some water-themed names for your little water baby:


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The name Cordelia is of uncertain origin, but one theory is that it may come from the Welsh "Creiddylad" meaning "jewel of the sea."

In King Lear, Cordelia was the favorite child of the titular character. Things don't go well for her, but she at least got a better name than her sister Goneril.


Another Welsh name, Morgan means "sea lord." Though traditionally considered exclusively masculine, it's used for boys and girls today.


Reva is a girl's name of Hindi origin. Reva is another name for both the Narmada River in India and the heroic Hindu warrior goddess, Durga.


Darya is a Persian name that means "sea." It's also the name of one of the greatest cartoon characters (nay, cartoon icons) of all time and should therefore be used more.


It... a river. Pretty straightforward, no?


The Arno is a river that runs through Tuscany, most famously, perhaps, through the city of Florence. This is a great name to pay homage to both a water sign and Italian heritage.


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The Guadalupe is a river in Spain. Its name derives from the Arabic "wadi," meaning "river." In Catholic tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared along the river, giving rise to a famous shrine known as "Our Lady of Guadalupe."


Like River, Ocean is extremely straightforward and wonderfully unisex.


Rio is the Spanish word for "river" and, honestly, just sounds really badass to me.


You know how they say Shakespeare invented, like 1,700 words (he didn't, but I feel like inventing any amount of widely-used words is noteworthy)? Anyway, he also invented names, including Nerissa for The Merchant of Venice. The name derives from the Nereids, or sea nymphs, of Greek mythology, and means "from the sea."


Melusine (or Meulsina) is a European fresh water spirit who inhabits sacred waters. Royal houses in Medieval Europe claim to be descended from this mystical mermaid.


This Celtic name means "sea" in Old Irish and is, in fact, the Ancient Irish personification of the sea.


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Shannon is the name of a river in the west of Ireland (it's also the name of a small airport you can fly into if you decide to travel there). The name itself is a feminine version of Sean and means "wise."


Viviane, a name that means "lively," is the name of "The Lady of the Lake" in Arthurian legends. She was an enchantress who ruled an enchanted kingdom under the water. She's also responsible for giving King Arthur the mighty sword Excalibur and bringing him to the fairy realm of Avalon after his death.


Kai is a name popular across cultures and often (though not always) has water connotations. In Hawaiian it means "sea." In Japanese, "ocean." In both Basque and Estonian, it means "pier."


It's not just the house name of the British royal family — it could be your water-sign baby's name! The name "Windsor" means "riverbank with a windlass." According to the dictionary, windlass means "a type of winch used especially on ships to hoist anchors and haul on mooring lines and, especially formerly, to lower buckets into and hoist them up from wells."

Honestly, you'd think it'd be something more royal, or at least a little more dignified.


Maris is a name of Latin origin and means "of the sea."


Meri is an Estonian and Finish name meaning "sea." It's very pretty, though I'd imagine you should be prepared for a whole bunch of "Meri Christmas!" jokes.


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Rain means rain. You're welcome.


Talia (not to be confused with "Thalia," the Greek muse of comedy) is a Hebrew name meaning "gentle dew from heaven," which is incredibly poetic.


Halcyon is the mythological name for the kingfisher, a bird that nests by the sea and feeds on fish. In Greek mythology, the bird was originally a grief-stricken widow who was transformed into a bird so she could forever be with her drowned husband.


Naia is a name of Greek origin meaning "water nymph." A lot of these names sort of come from the idea of a water nymph but, honestly, Greek mythology is lousy with nymphs so I feel like that's appropriate somehow.


The origin of Tallulah is unclear, but some believe it's from a Choctaw word meaning "leaping waters." It's also the name of actress Tallulah Bankhead, who was awesome AF.


Douglas is a Scottish name meaning "dark waters," which sounds pretty awesome and, honestly, I feel like Douglas is due for a comeback.


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Not just a president, you guys. Lincoln is an Old English name referring to a Roman "settlement near the pool."


Ghadir is an Arabic girl's name meaning "stream."


Maya can have many meanings, depending on the language of origin, but in Hebrew it is a derivation of "mayim" which means "water."

You could, of course, also go with "Mayim," like Mayim Bialek.


Ibai means "river" in Basque. It is more typically a boy's name.


Palaemon is one of several Greek sea gods. I guess when your culture is basically a large collection of a whole bunch of islands you're going to wind up with multiple sea gods, huh?


Tasi is a Chamorro name meaning "sea or ocean."