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30 Baby Names Perfect For Your September-Born Little One

September is officially here, which means it's time for another month with some baby name inspiration. Luckily, September is a treasure chest for some really unique names with interesting hidden meanings. I looked up all things associated with September and came up with 30 September baby names for the mom due in September, or just any mom who loves the first month of fall. From gem stones to flowers, September brings a ton of name inspiration.

There really are so many ways to honor the month of September in your baby name. Between all the flowers that are in season during the month of September, beautiful rich-colored stones and leaves, and even some super famous people born in September, the options are endless. Using the month of September as your baby name inspiration, you're sure to come up with a beautiful and unique name. And don't forget the zodiac signs! Libra and Virgo are the zodiac signs for September, so with each having different meanings, you can find a way to incorporate them into your baby's name with the list below. Whether you love September for the seasonal change it brings or the spectacular meteor showers, there's something for every mom's style on this list.



As in, Agatha Christie, only the best-selling novelist of all time. And for a woman during her time, that is seriously awesome. She was born Sept. 15, 1890, and would make a great name to inspire some serious girl power. The name Agatha also means "good," according to Behind the Name.



Amber is a bright glowing gem stone with bright orange color. With September being the first month of fall and with leaves turning bright colors, how is this not the perfect September name?



The September apple harvest makes this a great name for a September baby. Don't you just love going apple picking in September?



Asher, or Ash for short, is Hebrew for "happy" or "blessed" according to, making it the perfect name for a happy little September baby.



When you look up the month September, you'll notice there are a lot of meteor and star events during this month. Aster is derived from the Greek word meaning "star," according to Baby Name Wizard. Also, Aster is the designated flower for the month of September, according to Now how cool is that?



Astrid means "Godly strength" according to the baby name website, She Knows. Such a great name to honor the strong mama who's been carrying her around for 9 months.



Clearly a great September name being that September is the month that kicks off the autumn season. Such a great way to honor your baby's birth month.



OK, I had to put this one in there somewhere. Yes, an homage to the Beyoncé, whose birthday is on Sept. 4. I know, there's only one Beyoncé, but seriously, what if your little one is the next one? Only one way to find out.



Daffodil, or Daf for short if you'd like, is a bright yellow flower that happens to be in season during September, according to Bridal Guide's article on September flowers, making it a great September baby name.



Fall is a great name to honor your baby's birth season, but did you know that it can also mean "waterfall" or "forest clearing"? According to there's more than one meaning and origin to the name Fall. It's also pretty unique.



As in Jimmy Fallon of course, whose birthday is Sept. 19. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!



When you look up the month September, you'll find multiple sources saying that September is the ninth month of the year on the Gregorian calendar, but you can always just go with Greg for short.



A great fall name because of the brown-green color associated with it, it also has some cozy, vintage vibes like the season. According to Baby Center, the name Hazel became a given name in the 19th century and it's been making a comeback.



Whether you're a fan of the deep green color associated with this name or you want to honor the traditional meaning, this is the perfect September name for a boy or even a girl. Love that.



Another honorary name for a flower that is in season during the month of September, according to Bridal Guide.



Since September's birthstone is a deep blue color, it makes Indigo a notable option for a unisex baby name.



Another flower that's in season during the month of September, according to Bridal Guide. Plus Iris just sounds lovely.



Upon researching the month of September, you'll find that September is the ninth calendar month of the Julian calendar, according to Wikipedia.



September is Libra season beginning September 23, and it means "scales and balance," according to Nameberry.



According to The Flower Expert website, lilies are in season in the autumn months. If you've always wanted a baby Lily and you're due during the month of September, this name is absolute perfection.



Another flower that is in season during the month of September, according to Bridal Guide. You can bet nobody else will have this name, too.



Paul for the much loved actor Paul Walker (RIP), who was born Sept. 12.



Another classic name for a flower that is in season during the month of September. Also, there's this awesome movie called Titanic with a sassy yet inspiring character named Rose, and she's pretty awesome — just sayin'.



The gorgeous deep blue gem stone called a sapphire just so happens to be the designated birth stone for the month of September, making this such an awesome name for a September baby.



This name always reminds me of Mark Twain's character, Tom Sawyer, and of course the classic 1995 film, Tom and Huck. The name Sawyer means woodcutter, according to an article in We Have Kids, and September definitely gives off those vibes.



OK, bear with me on this one. September is from the latin word septem according to Wikipedia. If you add an -a at the end and take away the -em, you get a pretty cool name and also a completely underrated character in Game of Thrones. You're welcome.



Of course this is an obvious choice given its the name of the birth month. But September brings the end of summer and beginning of the autumn season, which means it symbolizes the absolute best seasonal change all year. (In my opinion.) Honestly, it's also just a sweet name for your fall kiddo.



According to Behind The Name, Tabitha means "gazelle" or refers to a woman who was "restored back to life," and with September's seasonal change, this is such a cool name.



The other zodiac sign that occurs in September, of course. According to the Baby Names website, Virgo means "the virgin" in Latin. Virgo season runs until Sept. 22, the first day of fall.



Zinnias are beautiful flowers that are in season during the month of September, according to Bridal Guide. And they make a pretty cool name, too.

If you're a pregnant mom due in September or you just love the first month of fall, there are so many unique names to choose from. Finding the perfect baby name can be hard but luckily, there are a lot of ways to incorporate your favorite month into your baby's name — you just have to get creative.