If You Think You've Spotted All The 'Haunting Of Hill House' Ghosts, Think Again

Everyone is talking about the new Netflix horror series, The Haunting of Hill House. If you love scary and you haven't seen the show, you need to check it out ASAP. I love all things creepy, mysterious and spooky, especially if there's a good ghost story involved, and The Haunting of Hill House has it all. In fact, there are so many ghosts sprinkled into each episode, they're everywhere, like confetti — as Nelly would put it. So, here are 34 Haunting of Hill House ghosts you may have missed. This show is basically a Where's Waldo book for ghosts, and it's genius.

While some of the ghosts we know (like Poppy, the 1920s era ghost who loves to instigate trouble, Hazel and William Hill, and of course, the "bent neck lady"), some ghosts hide in the shadows, leaving their identity a mystery.

You may have read other articles claiming to show you all the ghosts you missed, but what those articles don't have is the exact time the ghosts appear in each episode and their background story (if they have one). Not only that, I've added a few golden nuggets you might have missed if you're a very busy adult texting away or scrolling on your phone while watching. (Because, let's be real, we're all guilty of that, aren't we?)

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the show and you plan to watch it, save this article and come back to it after you've watched, because I am about to do some serious spoiling here. You've been warned. Now, I hope you're ready to get goosebumps because these ghosts are creepy AF. Think you've seen them all? Think again.


The Man Under The Stairs

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E1, 00:51

Honestly, this show didn't even wait 60 seconds before sprinkling in some hidden treasures. Right in the opening, when we first begin to see shots of the house's interior, there is a man staring directly into the camera from under the stairs... and once you see him, it's freaking trippy!


An Apparition In Steven's Bedroom?

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E1, 32:31

When Hugh comes in to wake up Steven on that fateful night, there appears to be something, or someone, standing behind him. It looks like an older man in a suit with his hands held in front of him. Is it just me? You be the judge.


More Than One Figure Is Watching Them Leave

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E1, 34:59

About two and a half minutes later, look to the right of the staircase as Hugh and Steven make a run for it out the front door. It's clear as day; they are not alone. Look closely and you'll see two figures, a man and a woman watching them leave.



Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E1, 50:43

During the conversation when Olivia comes to Steven's defense about knowing the gospels, there is someone peering from behind the chest in the room behind Olivia. Perhaps the same man from under the stairs?


Creepy Bald Guy In The Bushes

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E2, 04:14

"Is that Hill House?" No, Shirley, it's a dude in the bushes staring right at you. Run, girl, run!


And The Lady In The Hallway

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E2, 04:16

Now really Shirley, how could you have not seen her? In fact, about 30 seconds after we see this apparition in the background, during the same scene — at 04:48 — there are two more people peering in from the next room.


The Face In The Door

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 09:52

When Theo finds Luke and Nelly curious about the dumbwaiter, there's a face peering that them through the door. These ghosts are starting to get creative.


She's Not Mean, She's Scared

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 16:23

Well, it's no wonder Mrs. Dudley is scared, there's a man staring at them from behind a wall for Heaven's sake!


Barely There

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 18:27

I had to check and recheck this one, but trust me, it's legit. It looks like a woman standing alone in the dark. When Theo lets Luke ride in the dumbwaiter, she unintentionally sends him down instead of up. She frantically tries to bring him back up by pressing the buttons but she doesn't realize that there's a figure in the dinning room who could have lended a hand.


Hand Behind The Glass

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 28:29

When Theo is looking for the ladder to the basement, there is a man standing behind the glass door. Who is he? My guess is William Hill, the tall ghost with the bowler hat. In a later episode, Hugh finds his body in this unknown basement. In any case, you can see this ghost's hand and sleeve through the glass door and it's super, super creepy.


The Man Under The Ladder

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 29:15

Less than a minute later, we see someone creepily hanging out from behind the ladder. Maybe he was just waiting there for someone to come get him? By the look of his face, he must've been waiting a long time.


I Spy A Chick In The Background

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 38:22

Poor Theo. She can see the tragic inevitable fate of her mom, but can't see the creepy chick hanging out in the dining room. Smh.


Uncle Fester, Is That You?

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 39:40

There's that creepy bald guy again.


Then There's This Nosy Ghost

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 39:48

This one was hard to see so I magnified it for you, but you can go see it for yourself, it definitely checks out. There's a figure standing (and creepily staring) at Theo and Olivia as they talk about Theo's touch sensitivity.


Creep Alert From Behind The Lamp

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E3, 50:51

These ghosts sure are persistent. I'm beginning to think they're trying to sell something, and by the looks of Hugh and the kids running in the opposite direction, I'm guessing they're not interested.


It's A Twin Thing

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E4, 08:18

Uh, Luke? You just took someone's hat and I have a feeling he's going to want it back. Perhaps it's William Hill again?


Reappearance Of The Creepy Blonde Chick

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E4, 08:37

When Olivia gets dejavu, there's a figure standing in the background as Olivia tells Hugh her vision of the house.


Don't These Kids Realize They're Constantly Being Watched?

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E4, 13:21

When Luke and Nelly decide to be their adorable, childlike selves and throw buttons down the call device on the dumbwaiter, they aren't alone. Check out the creeper in the window on the glass door behind them.


The Old Lady Looking For Clara — Sorry Lady, She's Not Here

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E4, 14:24

OK, this one isn't exactly hidden and we are obviously meant to see it but, you may have missed it if you were texting while watching, for example (I missed it the first time around). Who is she? She's Hazel, a bedridden old woman Mrs. Dudley — aka Clara — cared for who died in the house, according to Insider. She is also Poppy's sister-in-law and William Hill's sister.


Those Doorway Peepers Again

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E4, 14:31

When Luke runs down the stairs after being mistaken for Clara, there are two people, I mean ghosts, standing in the doorway to the right of the stairs.


Hey Olivia, There's Someone Behind You (Again)

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E5, 02:51

Oh. Em. Gee. The Crains better run because, that looks like the creepy doll from the movie, The Boy.


I Spy A Peeping Tom Under The Piano

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E5, 21:55

When Nell gets framed for writing on the wall, I think we get a glimpse of the real culprit.


And Now Who Is That?!?

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E5, 23:09

Is it just me, or did Mr. Peeping Tom make his way out from under the piano?


Bent Neck Lady At Her Own Funeral

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E6, 14:11

Again, not exactly very hidden but if you were looking away, you definitely would have missed this one. It's Nell — aka "the bent neck lady" — at her own funeral. Poor Nelly. My heart still breaks for her.


Even More Bent Neck Lady

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E6, 19:41

During the storm, young Nell gets lost in the dark. If you're looking away, you'll miss grownup Nell standing in the doorway as the "bent neck lady"... perhaps trying to warn her younger self?


Hazel Hill On The Bed

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E6, 42:10

OK Olivia, if you're so "sensitive," how do you not see Hazel on the bed? C'mon now.


Hugh Has Company

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E7, 38:20

When Hugh gets all pissed off about the red door not opening, there is someone behind him watching.


Blondie Has A Crush

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E7, 49:46

As Hugh discovers the body in the wall, he's not alone. That blonde chick keeps popping up to see what's up. Who is the body in the wall by the way? It's William Hill. Probably sealed himself up in there to get from his annoying wife, Poppy. Can't say I blame the guy.


There's Blondie Again, Perhaps Trying To Get Up The Nerve To Go Talk To Hugh

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E7, 50:04

When the police come after Hugh discovers William Hill's body in the wall, there is someone peering in from behind the door. Not exactly sure why this ghost is trying to stay hidden, it's not like anyone notices them when they're standing right in plain sight anyway.


The Ghost Fixing The Clock

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E8, 06:44

We don't know it at the time, but the man fixing the grandfather clock is actually a ghost. Later in the episode, Hugh tells Steven that no one was hired to fix that clock. We also see him again in the next episode when Olivia walks by him on the stairs. What's interesting about this ghost is that Olivia can't see him, while Steven visibly notices him... letting him realize he did in fact see ghosts while living at Hill House.


These Ghosts Need To Get A Life, Literally

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E9, 01:14

They just love to eavesdrop, don't they? These ghosts really need to learn how to mind their own business.


Honestly, Major Props To These Ghosts For Going Unnoticed

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E9, 08:13

When Shirley and Luke argue about letting Abigail borrow Shirley's clothes, there seems to be an unnoticed guest among them, clearly judging.


The Party's Over, Ghosty

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E9, 35:56

To be honest, the look on this ghost's face is the exact look my dog gives me when I leave the house. Party's over.


Looks Like Someone Is Stalking Adult Steven

Courtesy of Netflix

S1 E10, 52:55

One last sneaky ghost spying on adult Steven as he learns what his poor dad actually went through, that night.