35 Of Prince George's Funniest & Cutest Faces That Are Truly Legendary

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Being a future king doesn't have to be so serious and proper all the time. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's oldest son Prince George has been photographed making the funniest faces and just goofing around many, many times over the years, so it seems that the little royal is not terribly bothered by the weighty crown he will someday wear, at least not just yet.

As the oldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton continues to delight audiences everywhere, it feels fitting to look back at some of his sweetest moments. Since his birth in 2013, Prince George has captivated the world. Not just because he is third in line for the throne after his father and his grandfather Prince Charles, either. Prince George has been a quietly charming royal from the very beginning. As the older brother of spunky 6-year-old sister Princess Charlotte and silly 3-year-old brother Prince Louis, Prince George tends to give off a more, shall we say, reserved air. Well, some of the time, at any rate.

But every once in a while, Prince George will show his sillier side, and that's when the true royal magic really happens. See for yourself.

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