These Magical Harry Potter Yule Ball Gowns Are A Holiday Fashion Fantasy

Sure, you could opt for the usual silver sequin mini-dress for this year's holiday soiree. Or, you could pull out all the stops and go full-on Hogwarts in one of these awesome Harry Potter-themed yule ballgowns.

I must admit, before today I wasn't aware these things existed. But now that I know, I kind of want to slip into a silky, pink Hermione number and force my husband to answer to the name of Viktor Krum for the night.

These twirly gowns are certain to lend a bit of magic to even the dullest of holiday gatherings. I mean, I'm not directly saying you should dress as Fleur Delacour for your office Christmas party at Chilis. Though, if you do, I dearly hope you will take many photos, and share the experience via social media. I personally would love to see a gal making small talk with her boss while awkwardly eating mozzarella sticks and wearing a satin blue cape.

If you really want to shake things up, I suppose you could opt for these spooky Severus Snape robes. Though they aren't very festive. And may be confusing to your fellow party-goers. But then maybe if everyone gets really toasted on eggnog, you can stand in the back and tell people you're the Ghost of Christmas future, and freak them out with grand pronouncements. Like you can predict that come daybreak, everyone will be filled with remorse for their past sins and wrongdoings. And will need Advil. And an egg and cheese sandwich.

Okay, yeah, maybe don't wear a Severus robe for the holidays. But check out these gowns!


Hermione Is Pretty in Pink

Okay, this baby ain't cheap, but it's kind of gorgeous, no? Made from satin, lace, and chiffon, this is a really stunning version of Hermione's cupcake-y pastel gown. Even better: throw in another 500 bucks and you can have Ron's yule outfit as well. In case you've always dreamt of dressing your partner up like a bow-tied clown wizard.


Luna Lovegood Slays in Layers

This ruffled pink mini-dress is identical to the one worn by the lovable space cadet Luna Lovegood. It's rayon and spandex, and comes via Her Universe. Her Universe also carries versions of Hermione and Fleur gowns. Even cooler - they offer plus-sized versions of all three.


Fleur Delacour's Flirty Little Cape

Okay, so this isn't the gray and gold dazzler Fleur wears to the ball, but it's definitely Fleur's most recognizable outfit - the silky, slate blue mini-dress with tie-on cape. But if you really really want Fleur's yule ball dress, might I suggest this teeny ornament version for your tree?


Starry Starry Night

While this isn't technically a Harry Potter-approved yule gown, I could totally see Minerva McGonagall swirling onto the great hall in this number, and everyone dropping their butterbeer and being all "Daaaamn Professor!"

This midnight blue gown has a sequinned overlay printed with little moons and constellations, and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Especially since everyone else will probably be wearing one of those black jumpsuits from Fleabag.