You Could Save *Hundreds* Of Dollars At These President's Day Appliance Sales

When most folks think of President's Day, I don't believe they actually think of our founding fathers. (And depending on who you ask, that's unfortunate.) What people do think of, however, are the special sales and discounts many retailers offer — especially stores like car shops and places that sell house wares. So what are the President's Day 2019 appliance sales that should be on your radar?

As ever, most major hardware and home chains are offering significant discounts on everything from washers and dryers to blenders to those fancy new refrigerators with TV screens you've been seeing so much about. It's no wonder President's Day will always have a special place in my heart — because of the sales.

True story: An old tree took out a power line pole across the street from our house in the beginning of February three years ago. When the pole went down, it yanked the power line completely out of the front of our house along with it... frying every single appliance we owned in the process. That included the microwave, stove, refrigerator, radios, fans, everything. If it weren't for the President's Day sales, we would have been even more screwed than we already were because appliances are expensive, y'all. Especially when you have to replace all of them at once and your insurance company blames the event on "God" so you have to pay for everything out of pocket.

So whether you're just looking to upgrade, or a tree took out your power line and fried all of your appliances, you'll find some killer deals on appliances for President's Day at these five places so you can replace everything — whether you were planning to or not.