6 Adorable Baby Moana Costumes That Will Make You Die Of Cuteness

EDITOR'S NOTE: In light of conversations around Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation, we encourage readers to check out the arguments against dressing your child as Moana characters for Halloween.

With Halloween sneaking up quick, you probably want to get creative and decide on your baby's costume. Luckily, there are plenty of options for finding one, whether it be heading down the costume aisle at Target or digging deep to make a do-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween costume. But what about the perfect, adorable character to dress up your baby this October? With the recent release of Moana and its popularity with kids and grown-ups alike, it's a great Halloween to think about Moana costumes for babies.

Although all of the characters in Moana are full of life and humorous personality, Moana herself is truly an adorable fit for a baby costume. The great thing about taking on a Moana costume this Halloween is that it's a choice you can get really creative with – both in stores and as a DIY costume idea.

With a few personal touches and some great go-to costume options, Moana fans can gush over the cuteness from your baby's outfit this holiday. As a major bonus, you might even be able to distract your baby by flipping on the Moana movie for some pre-Halloween research during your costume search. In Maui's words, "What can I say except you're welcome?" Enjoy looking through some fun Moana costume ideas here.


Traditional Moana

Moana Costume, $42, Etsy

Moana's look is simple yet beautiful. You can recreate the outfit for your baby with the baby-size Moana costume at Tulips Love Turtles on Etsy.


Tutu-Inspired Moana

Moana TuTu Costume, $35, Etsy

You can also go the tutu route for your Moana look with Totally Too Cute Tutus on Etsy, ranging from size zero to toddler size and beyond. Bonus is that the outfit is a one piece, so that you don't have to worry about shirts coming up or skirts sliding off.


Mix-And-Match Moana


Red Tank, $15, Zulily | Mesh Shirt, $11, Zulily | Embroidered Sandals, $7, Kohl's

Mix and match your Moana outfit with clothes from the stores around you. This great example offers an adorable red tank and a mesh skirt. Add in a cute pair of shoes like these embroidered sandals to complete your baby's Halloween look.


DIY Moana

Although this wonderful DIY Moana costume tutorial by the Sorry Girls shows an adult's costume in the making, the measurements can be based off the individual person, or baby in this case, who's wearing the costume. This is a fun, DIY way to celebrate Halloween with a baby Moana costume this year.


Newborn Moana

Newborn Moana Outfit, $25, Etsy

If you're into crocheting, you can make your own adorable, cozy newborn Moana outfit or purchase one from Emily Crochet Creation on Etsy.


Disney Moana


Moana Outfit, $45, Disney | Necklace, $15, Disney | Shoes, $20, Disney

Head over to the Disney store to purchase the Disney outfit, necklace, and shoes to create an authentic, adorable Moana baby costume for Halloween. Sizes for this Disney outfit start at toddler sizes and go up.

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