6 First Trimester Moments Prove You’re A Badass

The first trimester is, in my opinion, the worst. In your second trimester you have this rush of energy, and you can see the finish line when you're in the third trimester, but those first 12 weeks of pregnancy are a garbage fire of horrible experiences. Your energy is shot, you're constantly throwing up, but you're not showing so people aren't tripping over themselves to help you. That's why newly-pregnant women need to be reminded of how awesome they are. And, thankfully, there are more than a few first trimester moments that prove you're a badass, completely capable, incredible soon-to-be mom. Yes, even if you just barfed in a trash can on the side of the street 10 minutes ago.

My first pregnancy wasn't exactly filled with badassery. Well, at least that's how I felt. I didn't know what to expect or how to handle the constant, sometimes uncomfortable changes, so I really couldn't wait for the entire thing to be over with. My morning sickness was so intense my doctor had to prescribe anti-nausea medication, so I couldn't even pretend like I was having a "good time" while being pregnant. Instead, I was miserable and more than happy to let everyone, and anyone, know. I didn't "put on a strong face" or lie about my symptoms, but looking back, I don't think I should have. Strength isn't "sucking it up," strength is simply making it through a difficult situation and, in so many ways, being honest about your thoughts and feelings. So I was a badass for simply getting through a day while suffering from all those first trimester woes.

Those early weeks of pregnancy are a feat of strength, both mental and physical. So with that in mind, and because we should all be more kind to ourselves, here are some first moments that totally prove you're a badass, whether you feel like it or not.

When You Vomit Then Go On With Your Day

For a reported 90 percent of pregnant women experience some level of nausea in the first trimester, and 33 percent end up vomiting. And while this isn't a scientific estimation, I feel confident in saying that 100 percent of these women feel like garbage, puke, then go about their day as if nothing happened. The ability for a woman to literally be tossing her cookies one second, then two seconds later going about her work day or continuing to cross off things on her "to do" list like she's not enduring a flux of hormones, is extraordinary.

Women are badasses, especially when they're navigating morning sickness in the first trimester.

When You Successfully Avoid Your Favorite Food

I developed some pretty severe food aversions at the very beginning of my pregnancies. For example, I usually have eggs for breakfast, but pregnancy made sure I couldn't even look at eggs again. To this day, I still can't smell a cooked egg without wanting to hurl. Plus, there are all those foods you're no longer "allowed" to eat, because they're too risky. Soft cheeses? Deli meats? Certain fish?! Come on!

Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to avoid your favorite foods out of necessity? You guys, it's the worst! But pregnant women do it, day in and day out, like the bosses they are.

When You're Able To Gain Some Perspective

I grew up in a family of complainers and, as a result, I've become one. "My head hurts. These pants are uncomfortable. I'm tired." Trust me, if I'm not feeling well, you'll know it.

Then I experienced pregnancy, and realized what true discomfort actually felt like. I stopped talking about every little ache and pain, and realized that I needed to reel it in when I wasn't pregnant, too, and handled the first trimester like a champ. If you're able to handle so much discomfort, and sometimes pain, but find the relativity of it all, you're a badass.

When You Keep Your Pregnancy A Secret

One of the best/worst parts about the first trimester is keeping the pregnancy a secret. Of course, how and when you announce your pregnancy is entirely up to you, so you don't have to wait until you're in the second trimester to reveal that you're expecting. But many women do, for a variety of personal reasons, and keeping something so life-changing hush-hush isn't easy, my friends.

After I had my daughter, my partner and I tried to have a second child for years. When I finally became pregnant I was so excited I immediately told everyone. A few days later, I lost that pregnancy and it devastated me and my partner. Because of that experience, I kept my pregnancy with my son under wraps until we knew the pregnancy was viable. I had to endure the symptoms, quietly, and hold my enthusiasm at bay, which was difficult but necessary for preserving my emotional health. And that, my friends, makes me a badass.

When You Read Everything About Birth & Remain Unfazed

You know you're a badass when, within the first few days of taking the pregnancy test (or having it confirmed at the doctor's office), you've bought, read, and have created a thorough thesis on what your pregnancy will look like, how to craft the perfect birthing plan, and how often you'll call the in-laws to babysit after the delivery. Done and done.

When You Don't Stop Living Your Life

Honestly, no matter where you are in your pregnancy, you're a badass. Each trimester has it's pros and cons. If you look at the big picture, nine months is a small sacrifice to make so you can hold your baby in your arms. Bu make no mistake, nothing about those nine months is easy. So talk to your doctor about staying active. Make self-care priority before more of your time is devoted to being a parent. Basically, live your life. That's what a badass would do.

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