Courtesy of Hannah Westmoreland Murphy

7 Actual Advantages To Having Kids When You're In Your Twenties


Becoming a mother in your twenties comes with its own unique set of challenges. Maybe there were things you wanted to accomplish before you became a mom, but didn't. Maybe you feel ill-prepared or, you know, not grown up enough. Maybe, just like every new mother regardless of age, you're scared. When you're a mom in your twenties, things can be challenging, but there are also advantages to having kids when you're in your twenties that other mothers of different ages, may not necessarily have at their disposal.

Nothing truly prepares you for the many twists and turns that is motherhood. In fact, I'd argue that no one is actually "ready" to be a parent either; it's just one of those things that, if you choose to experience, you throw yourself into until you learn to feel comfortable as someone's parent. The age you are when you become a mother, really and truly, doesn't change the many mixed emotions you'll inevitably feel. I became a mother when I was in my twenties, while some of my friends waited until they were in their thirties. While there were some differences, I can tell you that we all felt (regardless of our ages) scared and excited and nervous and anxious and overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated but ridiculously happy.

We’re all going through motherhood in our own way, and not a single one of us is perfect at it. In the end, us mothers will take any advantage we can get if it means making our parenting journey a little easier. So, if you became a mom in your twenties, here are a few benefits that came along with that incredible life-change you experienced:

You've Got More Energy

Being in your twenties, you are accustomed to constantly being on the go. From college to job hunting to vacations and social gatherings, you never stop moving. That energy will come in handy when you have a little human that needs you every hour of every day because, yes, they will need you that much. Having extra energy is basically the equivalent of having super powers.

You Can Function On Little (Or No) Sleep

Whether you stayed out late singing karaoke or you were up into the wee hours of the morning cramming for finals, you’re no stranger to sleepless nights. When your baby is up every few hours to eat (or cry), it will almost seem like you’re back in college again. Except, you know, without the karaoke and tequila.

Your Body Can Recover Quicker

Pregnancy takes a serious toll on your body, as does labor and delivery. Physiologically speaking, your cells regenerate quicker in your twenties, which means you’ll have a faster recovery so, yes, you can come back from that. Those last weeks of pregnancy can be torturous, and labor and delivery will undoubtedly do a little bit of damage. Being in your twenties means that you should be feeling better and able to "bounce back" fairly quickly after delivering your baby.

You've Likely Got More Help

It’s likely (although definitely not a certainty, as everyone and every family is different) that your parents (and other friends of family) are still able bodied enough to pitch in with your newborn when you run out of steam. And trust me; you will run out of steam, at some point. When that happens, it’s nice to have someone around to enthusiastically help pick up the slack while you take the best nap of your life. Take advantage of all of the help while you can: you'll be so glad you did.

You Can Reclaim Your Youth In Your 40s

Having a baby in your twenties means that they will turn 18 when you hit your forties, thus gifting you with the second wind of life. As long as you’ve executed your parenting so that your offspring becomes a contributing member of society, you can take a little breather when they hit adulthood. Of course, you won’t just stop being their mother, but when they’ve become responsible adults you can parent them from a distance, preferably at the beach with a margarita in your hand.

You Still Want To Be Social

Having a baby doesn’t mean that you suddenly surrender to a friendless existence. You might not be out taking shots of whiskey every weekend anymore, but you still value the relationships you have with your friends. “Brunching” is a verb you will learn to love after becoming a mom (and, honestly, probably before you became a mom, too). It’s the best time to catch up and crack up with your friends, and it’s baby-friendly. Maintaining friendships is so important for new moms, because sometimes parenthood can feel quite isolating. Also, friends make great extra aunts and uncles for your little.

You're Still A Kid At Heart

Having a child is the perfect reason to watch all your favorite childhood movies again (like you actually needed a reason). It’s also a great time to show off your skills at making water balloons and crafting the perfect hand-shaped turkey. Suddenly, parks, slides, swings, and bouncy castles are all back in your life, and you can’t wait to take your baby exploring.

So many people consider having a baby in your twenties to be the death of your youth. If anyone considers you less relevant after having a baby, you should promptly remove them from your life. Whether you are in your twenties or in your forties, as a mother, you are more important and relevant now than you ever have been.