Two female friends drinking wine in restaurant

Even The Most Skeptical Sommeliers Will Love These 7 Boxed Wines

Boxed wines are finally getting their due, and it's about time as far as I'm concerned. Once the punchline of jokes about cheap hooch, now vino a la cardboard is taking a more prominent spot in liquor stores everywhere. Even wine experts are admitting that the best boxed wines out there are pretty great, and that's saying something.

The advantages of boxed wines are many. They're more totable (and unbreakable) than a glass bottle, and because a typical box contains the equivalent of four bottles, they're an easy and affordable take-along for parties and barbecues, noted Food & Wine. If the guests don't finish the box by the party's end, not to worry: The inside pouch keeps the wine fresh for up to three weeks, which is longer than the four-to-five-day limit for an uncorked bottle. When the last drop is gone, the box can go right into the paper recycling bin (and the pouch into the plastics can). Plus, many of the varieties out there today are surprisingly delicious. You might not bring them to a formal dinner party (that's still glass-bottle territory), but for casual dining, they're the perfect solution.

These are some of the boxed-wine brands recommended by sommeliers and foodies. Check them out next time you hit the ABC store, or have them delivered to your doorstep through an online liquor store like Drizly. Cheers!