The 7 Best Kiddie Pools For Dogs, That Your 4-Legged BFF *Needs* This Summer

Whenever summer starts, the only thing I can personally think about is heading to the pool. Although the beach is nice (and can be really nice, depending on where you are), I've always loved pools best of all. Not surprisingly, because I am a proud dog mommy, I also love going to the pool with my dog — but don't exactly love the hair that he leaves behind. That's why as soon as the warm weather hit this summer, I began looking for the best kiddie pools for dogs that I could find in an effort to allow both myself and my pup to enjoy some much-needed cooling down.

Unfortunately, it turns out that most traditional, inflatable kiddie pools don't work for dogs because their nails (even if not sharp) can cut through the material. Then your kid and your pooch are out of a swimming place all at once. Instead, what you need is a kiddie-style pool that works exclusively for dogs. That means that it will be made of touch and durable material, such as PVC rubber. And don't worry, you can still put both your human and fur babies into this pool.

From a bone-shaped doggie pool to a special therapeutic kiddie pool to everything in between, here are nine best kiddie pools for dogs that you can enjoy all summer long. Most of them have at least four stars on Amazon (with many of them at 4.5 stars), so you know that you're truly getting the best of the best for Fido.


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One Dog One Bone Dog Pool


Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs


Pet Therapeutics Pet Theracool Cooling Gel Pet Bed


Lalawow SO COOL Foldable Pet Swimming Pool Bathing Tub


Ethical Pet Products Dog Cool Pool


Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub