7 Of The Best Times To Have Sex After The Baby Arrives, Because It's Not As Easy As It Used To Be

One of the biggest stereotypes about life as new parents is that you'll never get to enjoy sex or ten seconds alone again. Though the latter may be true, your sex life by no means has to come to an end once there are kiddos in the mix. You just have to get a little bit, shall we say, creative with your intimacy and search out the ideal times to have sex after the baby arrives. Because, trust me, the opportunities will be few and far between.

As a mom of two, I know from experience that sex after you've had a baby can definitely have its challenges, but it's not impossible. Sure, there may not be as much freedom to get it on whenever you please there won't be as much time for foreplay, and you may have to be quiet to keep the kids from walking in, but that doesn't mean sex won't be enjoyable or possible. Be patient with each other and make the most of the time you have together, knowing that this period won't last forever. Read on to learn some of the best time to seize the sexual moment with your SO and ensure you keep your sex life healthy even after baby arrive.


During Nap Time

The best thing about babies (OK, maybe not the best, but definitely in the top five) is that they nap. A lot. Take advantage of the alone time with a quickie or two.


When Grandma Is In Town

What your mom doesn't know won't hurt her. How does she think she came to be the grandmother of an adorable baby in the first place?


After Bedtime

Bedtime is the one time of day (or rather, night) that's guaranteed to be kid-free. Cook up a romantic dinner two and enjoy the time alone. Or just get straight to bed. No one's judging.


Early In The Morning

Do your kids sleep later than you? Well then, in addition to being a miracle worker you're giving yourself an opportunity to snuggle with your SO, san clothing.


When They're Not Looking

There's no shame in running to the laundry room to "fold the clothes" or sneaking away during an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Once the kiddos get mobile you've got a new set of problems, so for now, enjoy the fact that you can control the way they're facing.


When You Actually Get To Go Out

Date nights can be a rare occasion after having a baby. If you and your partner get the opportunity to go out — even if its just to the grocery store — get creative and find a way to get it on.


When The Stars Align

I know, none of this sounds very romantic and hello, when is the foreplay supposed to happen? But trust me, sex after baby can still be just as fun, intimate and exciting as it was before you had spit up on all of your shirts.

Images: Gennadiy Poznyakov/Fotolia; Giphy (7)