7 Safe Space Heaters For Your Nursery In Those Cold Winter Months

In many places that aren't the south, you actually have seasons and it gets cold in the winter time. (Though Georgia did get some awesome snow in December for once this year.) And if you live in an old house like I do, you may realize at some point that perhaps your heating system isn't as efficient as you had hoped. Having a comfortable temperature in your home is especially important for your nursery, since babies can't really pull blankets on if they get cold, but what about safe space heaters for your nursery? Do they exist?

I'm sure everyone's heard those horror stories of heaters getting knocked over somehow and starting a fire. And there's also a photo going around Facebook right now of a melted power strip with a space heater plugged into it. Yikes. Of course you want the top-of-the-line in safety for your brand new baby, and it seems like there are a million options out there. They all talk about watts, voltage, and other things that it seems like an engineer would be best at deciphering. But if you're looking for down and dirty space heaters that are made with your child's safety in mind, then look no further.

1Vornadobaby Sunny CS Nursery Heater

Buy Buy Baby

This heater is touted for its "whisper-quiet" sound, and as far as safety for your baby and children, there's a tip-over automatic shut off and overheating protection. There's also a child-safety lock switch, and "cool-touch housing" for if your baby or child touches the device. Reviews say it produces "just the right amount of heat" and they love the extra child-proof safety features. It also has a fan-only option, two heat settings, and a "CribSide temperature sensor" to help with heat management. There's also an automatic climate control function which will maintain the nursery's temperature levels.

You can purchase the VornadoBaby Sunny CS Nursery Heater at Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Kohl's for around $100.

2Honeywell HZ-7300 Deluxe Energysmart, Cool-Touch Heater


This cool-touch heater is optimal for homes with children and pets, as there is tip-over safety protection, it has a "cool-touch safety grille," and there's a really sturdy, wide base. For the energy-conscious parents, it tells you how much energy you're using and there are LED lights that tell you what the room temperature is, as well as the temperature you want it to be. There are three different heat settings, and it self-regulates the amount of electricity used based on the temperature settings. Though it can be used for "personal warmth," there's even an oscillating feature where it will warm an entire room.

Purchase the Honeywell HZ-7300 Cool-Touch heater atWalmart or Amazon for anywhere from $50 to $59.

3Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Home Depot

With a built-in thermostat to keep the plug from melting or catching fire, this portable space heater is definitely safe for families. It doesn't get hot to the touch, and it even has a humidifier included in the device, which will help with your baby's dry skin and will help keep everyone from drying out from the forced heat. It can heat up large spaces, so if your nursery is on the larger side, this space heater may be for you. And a bonus? It produces "white noise" according to reviews, which could help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep.

You can buy the Dr. Infrared Space Heater on Amazon and Home Depot for around $100 to $130.

4Comfort Zone Compact Personal Space Heater


This compact space heater would work for small nurseries, as it's only 200 watts. It's cool to the touch, quiet, and it has an automatic overheat protection system. There's an adjustable thermostat, and a fan-only option. It's tiny size makes for easy storage in those small nurseries.

Get the Comfort Zone Compact Personal Space Heater on Amazon for $26.

5Lasko 32-Inch Digital Ceramic Tower Heater


The Lasko 32-Inch Digital Ceramic Tower heater has an eight-hour automatic shutoff system, which is awesome for maintaining room temperature so you don't feel like you have to go and constantly check if your baby's too hot every few hours. Because of its ceramic exterior, it doesn't get hot, making it safe for pets and children. There's automatic overheat protection, and it can be controlled with a remote — perfect for breastfeeding or when you're rocking a baby to sleep and can't move. As an added bonus, it comes with hand warmers for you. And because of it's height, it heats the full room easily.

You can purchase this space heater on Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond for about $80.

6PureFlow Bladeless 90 Degree Oscillating Fan


This bowling ball-sized space heater has a bladeless system, so it's safe for little fingers. The design is also "cooling" so it will remain cool to the touch at all times, also safe for little fingers and hands. There's also an auto shut-off timer that will allow the fan to operate for up to nine hours before shutting off, ensuring your baby doesn't get too hot and also decreases the chances of there being any overheating or fires. And because of its shape, it can "cycle air more quickly than traditional fans, keeping your room temperature consistent and comfortable," according to the product description. It's super energy efficient, as it only uses 2 watts, while still providing powerful speed and coverage. There are 12 fan speeds, making it easier to find your perfect temperature for the nursery.

Purchase your pureFlow Bladeless 90 Degree Oscillating Fan on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond for about $100.

7Ryzen H-5000 Pro Portable Infrared Quartz Heater


The Ryzen H-5000 Pro Portable Infrared Quartz Heater comes with a remote, making it easier for you to be in control if you're unable to get up from the glider. It comes with a washable air filter, which removes airborne particles — awesome for your baby's nursery. There's a timer, it has three heat settings, and it has a cool-touch exterior and won't tip over. This space heater also has overheat safety features and a lockable keypad for your older kids.

You can purchase this space heater on Amazon for around $178.

As always, do your own research when deciding which space heater would work best for your space, your family, and your needs. All of these have a cool-touch exterior for any older children and pets, as well as an automatic shut-off function for safety to ensure the chances of you burning your house down are slim. This is by no means an all inclusive list, so do your research and good luck.

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