8 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Moms

It's normal for moms to spend the weeks leading up to Halloween entirely focused on getting their kids' costumes ready, decorating the house with jack-o-lanterns and fake spider webs, and stocking up on trick-or-treat candy (and then re-stocking it because you ate it all). If you've spent absolutely no time thinking about your own Halloween costume, you're not alone. Sure, the holiday is usually focused on kids, but as a mom, it's always more fun to get involved in the festivities. If you're fresh out of creativity after thinking of costume ideas for your kids, a few easy, last minute Halloween costume ideas for moms will surely come in handy.

Whether you're hoping for something original, or are OK with the tried and true classics, these Halloween costumes are easy enough that you likely won't even have to make an extra trip to the store to create them.

Just because it's last minute doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the fun. Using pieces you likely have in your closet already — like black leggings, a white tee, or your favorite sweater — you'll be cute, comfortable, and in costume this Halloween whether you're trick-or-treating with the best of them, heading to an adults only party, or waiting out the festivities in the comfort of your own home (and in proximity to all the trick or treat candy).


A Cat

Black Sweater, $20, Kohls | Black Leggings, $13, Old Navy | Black Flats, $10, H&M | Cat Ears, $5, Forever 21

Perfect for the mom whose closet is an all-black wonderland. Look, dressing as a cat for Halloween may be a bit cliche, but that's because it's simple, classic, and easy to pull off. Grab your favorite black tee or black sweater, black pants or leggings, and black flats. For the cat ears pick a pair up at any accessories store or make your own with this tutorial from Brit & Co.


A "Basic" Fall Mom

Cross Switch Sweater, $33, American Eagle | Boyfriend Jeans, $40, H&M | Womens Myra Short Boot, $25, Payless

You know the outfit you're wearing right now? Just wear that, and make it extra "basic" with the addition of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and your favorite pair of Uggs.

But just in case you don't own anything "basic", a quick trip to the thrift store or mall will be sure to cover the bases for you. All you need is a cute sweater, some boyfriend jeans — or distress your own with this tutorial from Sutton & Grove — and a pair of Uggs or Ugg look-a-likes. Don't forget to grab your latte before the trick-or-treaters arrive.


Mary Poppins

White Button Up, $22, Old Navy | Midi Skirt, $30, H&M | Boater Hat, $13, Forever 21 | Black Blazer, $35, H&M

For a classic, but always fun outfit, Mary Poppins is surprisingly easy to replicate. Babble has an excellent tutorials for DIY-ing your own Mary Poppins costume, but to sum it all up, the thrift store will be your best friend for this look. You'll need a white button up, preferably with no collar or puffy sleeves, a black structured maxi or midi skirt, a boater hat, a black blazer — bonus points for velvet — and of course, a bottomless carpet bag.


Anything From The '80s

Leg Warmers, $8, Amazon | Neon Headband, $6, Amazon

Another classic, colorful look, anything from the '80s is fair game when it comes to costumes. Luckily, the classic '80s look is easy to recreate with items you already have or can easily find. Search your local thrift store for a cropped sweater — or better yet, buy a neon sweatshirt and crop it yourself. From there, add some leggings and of course, leg warmers and a neon headband. Then, use this tutorial from Leaf to learn how to tease your hair high enough to make Olivia Newton John proud.


A Bank Robber

Black and White Shirt, $14, Amazon | Black Beanie, $2, Full Source

Grab your favorite black and white shirt, black leggings, and a black beanie to put together the perfect bank robber-chic look.


Rosie The Riveter

Chambray Button Up Shirt, $13, Old Navy | Red Bandanna, $14, Levis

Simple but empowering, Rosie the Riveter is the perfect Halloween costume for moms who are trying to keep is simple but still make a statement. All you need is a chambray button up shirt rolled up to your biceps, and a red bandanna worn around your head. Use this tutorial from Rebel Circus to learn how to do your hair in proper Rosie the Riveter style.


A "Mom-bie"

Sweatpants, $7, Hanes

Another costume that allows you to wear your "everyday" clothes, a mom-bie is just what all moms look like after a full night of taking care of their kids. Spill some coffee on your white tee shirt, throw on your favorite sweatpants and put on this slightly terrifying make-up ensemble via Youtuber Lily Vargas.


Where's Waldo

Red and White Striped Shirt, $13, Walmart | Boyfriend Jeans, $25, American Eagle | Red and White Striped Beanie, $4, Walmart | Black Glasses, $5, Eye Buy Direct

Easy and sort of cute, dressing up as Where's Waldo is as simple as Halloween costumes come. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, a red and white beanie, and some black glasses.

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