8 Fortnite Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family, Because It's An All-Ages Obsession


Kids and even adults everywhere are obsessed with the ridiculously popular video game Fortnite, a fantasy/battle video game you can play online with friends. With Halloween just days away, you can bet you'll see some serious Fortnite enthusiasts representing their favorite characters (but instead of hunting each other, they'll be hunting down some candy). So, if you know a Fortnite fanatic, or if you are one, here are the 8 best Fortnite Halloween costumes you won't want to miss this year. And don't worry grown ups, there are some costumes on this list for you too.

With tons of characters that are all so different, it may not be easy narrowing your choices down to just one. They're all kind of cool, tbh. Prices range from fairly reasonable to somewhat expensive, but don't fret — if you do a little digging, you may be able to find cheaper options in your size. Or if you're a crafty type, you could even make your own Fortnite costumes. Not only will you save a few bucks, probably, but no one else will be wearing the exact same costume on Halloween night. Oh, and FYI: The costumes are called "skins" — trust me, I knew nothing about this when I started — and reflect different looks that can be bought for characters online.

Now that you're up to speed on this Fortnite thing, check out these awesome looks. And since Fortnite is definitely one of the most popular disguises this year, if you're planning on buying a ready-made costume you should probably do it soon. As in, like, now.

1Adult Crackshot Costume

Adult Crackshot Costume



This costume includes shirt, hat with attached faux hair, gloves and mask. Sizes range from adult small to large.

One of the most coveted skins of the holiday season, Crackshot is from Battle Royale and looks pretty fierce if you ask me. Plus, we can just skip straight to Christmas after Halloween, right?

2Kids Skull Trooper Costume

Kids Skull Trooper Costume



This costume includes a mask, jumpsuit, shinguards, gloves, and belt with attached ammo pouch and bandana.

Probably one of the more popular costumes among gaming enthusiasts. They also make this costume in an adult version, if you or your partner want to jump in on the fun.

3Kids Dark Voyager Costume

Kids Dark Voyager Costume



This costume is available in kids sizes medium to extra large. Includes jumpsuit with attached harness, boot cover, knee pads, gloves and helmet.

Perfect for your little explorer, this is the must-have dark voyager skin that every Fortnite enthusiast is after.

4Cuddle Team Leader

Kids Plush Cuddle Team Leader


Spirit Halloween

Includes hooded jumpsuit and belt and is available in kids medium to extra large.

If you have a little peacemaker on your hands, then this is the perfect costume. This cuddle team leader costume isn't just sweet, it'll keep them warm while they're out trick-or-treating. Oh, the things moms think about.

5Adult Brite Bomber Costume

Adult Brite Bomber Costume


Spirit Halloween

Available in adult small to large; includes jumpsuit, cropped tee, glasses, belt and gloves.

This would be my costume of choice. Reminds me of Rainbow Brite, with attitude.

6Kids Plush Rex Costume

Kids Plush Rex Costume


Spirit Halloween

Costume includes plush jumpsuit and belt.

Do you have a gamer who's also a dinosaur enthusiast? Then this plush costume may be perfect to show their inner warrior and outer dinosaur all at the same time.

7Kids Plus Tricera Ops Costume

Kids Plush Tricera Ops Costume


Spirit Halloween

This costume includes a plush jumpsuit and belt.

Another great option for any dino/gamer enthusiast is this skin from the Dino Guards Fortnite set. A seriously impressive outfit for Halloween parades, trick-or-treating, parties, or any other festivities.

8Adult Black Knight Costume

Adult Dark Knight Costume


Spirit Halloween

Costume comes with ammo pouch, shin guards, helmet, belt bandana and top.

No, this isn't the Dark Knight we all know as Batman. This is the Dark Knight of the Wailing Woods. We all know a Dad who's going to want to wear this bad boy. And honestly, I can't really blame him.