These 8 'Paw Patrol' Halloween Costumes Are Almost Too Cute To Even Handle

Desperate to find the perfect Marshall or Everest costume for your little guy or gal? Well, no need to "yelp for help," Mom. I've rounded up eight super cute Paw Patrol costumes, so your child has all the gear necessary for being a Dalmatian firefighter, German Shepherd police dog, or a Labrador retriever that drives a hovercraft.

My son was never a fan of this Nickelodeon show, for reasons I never quite understood. He love trucks, emergency vehicles, and canines, but if I dared to ever suggest kicking back with a snippet of this program? I may as well have asked if he'd like to watch PBS Newshour. Anyway, probably for the best, as it's now difficult to enter any store in the land and not run into some sort of Paw Patrol product for sale. So I suppose it's saved me many arguments about why we aren't buying a Chase Pez dispenser. Or Zuma underwear. Or Rubble water bottle. Or Paw Patrol potty seat.

On that note... can I just say that I'm always a bit baffled by patterned potty seats? I mean I get that it's to make the potty more enticing to toddlers, but it still just seems odd to relieve oneself atop a favorite beloved television character, no? Like I'd never want a toilet seat patterned with the Hot Priest from Fleabag. Although that's actually probably available for purchase on Etsy, now that I think about it...

Okay, back to Ryder and friends, and Paw Patrol being on a roll! Here are some great Halloween get-ups for all of your little problem-solving pooches, and even some ideas for mom and dad as well.


Little Tracker

This Tracker jumpsuit from Target includes a hat and backpack, easily helping your child transform into a very cute jungle-dwelling, bilingual Chihuahua. Sizes include a child's small, medium, and large.


Chase to the rescue

This deluxe Chase costume from the Spirit of Halloween features a plush bodysuit as well as police hat (with ears, of course), a little backpack, tail, boot tops, and vest. This is a good one if Halloween happens to be on the chillier side, as your little hound will be nice and cozy zipped into this sucker.


Fancy Skye

This puff-ball of pink is perfect for the little girl who wants to be a helicopter rescue pup, but an elegant helicopter rescue pup. Made of tulle with a crocheted top, it comes with a mask and sparkly bracelet, as well as small airplane wings shooting out the back. Which I think would be a nice edition to all formal wear, really. Can't you see Anna Wintour with some small Boeing wings arching off the back of her Dolce? Exquisite.


Ryder Hoodie

This Ryder hoodie from Amazon is perfect for the low maintenance child who has no time for ears or tails. It runs from 2T-5T, and once the begging-neighbors-for-Twizzlers season has passed, your kid will still be able to bust this jacket out for preschool on chillier days.


Adult Vests

Marshall, Chase, Zuma... each member of the gang is represented in these handmade adult vests. Made of twill, these guys run $42 each. Which yes, is a little pricey to dress you and your friends like talking rescue dogs. But think of how fun it would be for all of the moms and dads in your trick-or-treating crew to wear? They could also be useful for a "Paw Patrol" bar-hopping night. Which would surely be an evening to remember, and result in many delightful Insta posts. #EverestWasOverserved


3D Skye

Yes, this tunic and hat is polyester, and yes the child in the photo looks like she really wanted to be Freddy Krueger but her mother said no. But this 3-D outfit pops out to look like the child is riding in an actual little plane. Cuteness! A tip from a reviewer: parents can stuff the front with cotton to give it some shape.


Everest Deluxe

This deluxe Everest costume features "velvety sleeves, a glittery tulle skirt, fur collar, evergreen pup-tag on the neck, and an attached lavender tail." Fancy! It also comes with a seriously sweet hat and teeny backpack. Sizes run from 2T-6T.


Marshall costume for pets

Should you want to dress your actual dog like a "Paw Patrol" character, Amazon has this jacket, badge, police hat, and small backpack for you to wrestle onto your pet. Though it might also be cool to put it on your cat, simply to create chaos and outrage amongst your children.