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Give Out These Royal-Inspired Treats This Year & Be The Queen Of Halloween

It's no surprise that many of us are completely enchanted with the royals. With fairy tales seemingly and effortlessly coming to life, as seen with the last two royal weddings, how could we not be obsessed with everything the family does? While some of the members of the royal family may not eat candy — we're looking at you, Kate — there are some insanely delicious UK treats both you and your trick-or-treaters can enjoy. So with Halloween just days away, I went ahead and created this list of royal-inspired Halloween treats to pass out this year. Because what better way to turn-up your inner royal than handing out some authentic English goodies on Halloween?

Your house will definitely be a popular one if you hand out these famous English candies, because hey, anything is better than apples (or worse, dental floss), right? I remember a neighbor used to give out pennies on Halloween. I graciously said "thank you," because, well, my parents taught me manners, but really? Pennies? To their credit though, they were exceptionally shiny pennies, which to some kids — my own son included — can be very exciting, but I knew better.

You know this list is legit because some of candies on this list were my very own go-to treats when I lived over in London, back when I as young and wild and childless. And while I know that Halloween is a bit different over in the UK, these British treats will make your house an automatic neighborhood favorite. Or several steps above the "penny house," at least. Who wants to be seen as the "penny house", anyway? (I'm not bitter.) I'd rather be known as the "Buckingham Palace house," personally. Maybe you could even dress up like the royal family to hand candy out!

Seriously, I think we could all take a lesson from Kate Middleton. As I mentioned, an article in the UK publication called Woman revealed that she doesn't eat candy at all. Instead, when she's having a sugar craving, she blends berries and almond milk. And honestly, good for her. I'll be over here finishing off a bag of sour patch kids while I long for some of my English favorites.



Think Whoppers, except the UK version. These are a favorite — or favourite, across the pond.


Literally Anything Cadbury

When I lived in the UK, my staple candy was the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut bars. They also make these bars with nuts, caramel or toffee. Plus, Cadbury makes the famous Flake bars, which are the perfect indulgence if you're having a dish of ice cream. As are the Freddo and Crunchie bars, really. If you like milk chocolate and haven't tried any of these, then you better get on it cause you're seriously missing out.



You probably won't find a lighter milk chocolate bar than this. It's literally filled with pockets of air, hence the name — Aero.



The English version of M&Ms, called "chocolate beans". Now, how cute is that?


If You're Into A Little Variety


Lion Bar

If you're into Kit Kat bars but like something a little bit more substantial, a Lion Bar is the perfect snack to tide you over until dinner when you're running late at the office or picking up the kids.


Drumstick Squashies

If marshmallows and gummy bears got together and had candy offspring, it would be something like these fruit-and-cream flavored Squashies. Good luck not eating many, many Squashies in one sitting.