8 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween 2019 Costumes For Dissenters Of All Ages


Looking for a way to celebrate your favorite political hero this Halloween? If you're a big fan of the Notorious RBG, you need to know about these Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween costumes for adults, children, babies, and even your pets. Not only will no one dissent to your costume, but you'll get to share your love of an iconic woman with the world (or, your neighborhood, at least).

The @RBGMovie Instagram account often shares women, children, and critters of all kinds dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, both for Halloween and for showings of their documentary. They've got it all: tiny tikes playing dress-up at home as RBG, smiling babies posing with a gavel as RBG, and even a Ruth Bunny Ginsburg enjoying an outdoor screening. The Supreme Court justice gained even more fans after the December 2018 premiere of On The Basis Of Sex, a fictionalized big screen movie about Bader Ginsburg's fight for equal rights and representation in the American justice system.

If you, your little one, or your pet are slated to dress up as Bader Ginsburg, you'll need a few key pieces. A gavel would be a great touch, and don't forget to nail her low bun lewk. The rest is all available, whether in sets or sold separately online.

1. Dissent Or Treat, Anyone?

OK, tiny RBG realness! This set from Etsy seller BoredInc comes with a handmade justice robe with embroidered collar, child-sized glasses sans lenses, and a fun fact card about the Supreme Court justice herself. Add a gavel and shoes and it's time to go out and dissent or treat.

2. Dressing Up, Literally

If purchasing the gown and collar separately seems like too much, this dress combines the best of both. This version of an RBG costume could even be worn again throughout the year, especially on days when you, too, dissent. Dresses are available in sizes XS to 2XL.

3. Keep It Simple

Maybe you're not one to go all out with the costumes, but want to celebrate your girl RBG anyway. This Amazon store has RBG shirts in every cut and sleeve length imaginable. They also offer the design with a gold dissent collar, or the classic black and silver. If Halloween is cold in your neck of the woods, they also carry hoodies.

4. All In Onesie

If your little one is still young enough to not have their own costume preferences, lucky you! If you've chosen to dress them as RBG but know there's no way they'll keep on a collar and glasses, this simple onesie streamlines the look into one easy outfit. Plus, it's rewearable!

5. RBG, But The B Is For Bib

Got a teething baby on your hands this Halloween? A onesie costume would need to be covered with a bib to catch all that drool, so make the bib the costume! Choose a lace collar or the dissent collar and place over a black onesie for full judge effect. Bibs are $16 each via Etsy, or $28 for the pair if you'll use them year-round.

6. Start With The Basics

If you want to do Ruth Bader Ginsburg justice, you'll need a traditional black judge's robe as the anchor of your costume. Amazon carries these in two sizes, and also offers them for kiddos, too. Add a low bun, gavel, and collar, and you're golden.

7. Accessorize Accordingly

Speaking of collars, you'll definitely need one to show off exactly who you're trying to portray. Bader Ginsburg is known for her numerous collars, which she collects from around the world, and which she uses to send subtle messages about SCOTUS decisions. This little cotton lace number is adjustable, so don't worry about sizing before adding to cart.

8. Include Your Fur Child

Need your pet to be part of the trick-or-treat ensemble? They can rock this Notorious RBG costume, with the justice's lace collar and crown a la the Notorious B.I.G. It's the kind of pet costume that everyone will love, but won't make your pet uncomfortable on their Halloween walk.