Signs Your Kid Definitely Wants A Sibling

To be honest, I am enjoying the "family of three" situation I have going on at the moment. My son is a 2-year-old toddler, I'm a working mom, my partner is going to school, and we have found a great balance between our family goals, personal goals, and professional goals. While we've talked about having another baby (and tried, briefly, before I suffered a miscarriage) I'm not too sure I'm ready for our family to grow. I have, however, noticed the subtle signs my kid's trying to tell me to get busy and make him a sibling. I must say, I'm not about it, you guys. In fact, I'm slightly convinced my pseudo mother-in-law sent him on a super secret mission to infiltrate my subconscious and make another baby happen sooner, rather than later.

It's not that I don't like the idea of another baby, because I do. I think my son would be an incredible older sibling, and I like the idea of a family of four, in theory. However, and this is something I refuse to feel guilty about, I'm not sure how the introduction of another baby into our lives would affect my romantic relationship, my career, or my ability to continue to invest in my self care. My toddler, on the other hand, doesn't seem to give a damn. Lately he's been dropping hints that not only does he want a little baby to "call his own," but he wants one now.

Sure, the whole "how to make a baby" thing is lost on him, so I'm convinced he doesn't really understand that he can't just wish a baby into existence. This will be a long process, kid. Still, thanks to the following signs, it's pretty damn obvious the kid is ready to be a sibling. Ugh.

Your Kid Keeps Touching Your Stomach

All of a sudden, my toddler has become obsessed with my stomach. He keeps touching it or lifting up my shirt to point at it, usually while saying, "Baby." Um, no, child. Unless you are referring to the food baby I'm currently carrying, in which case I will probably be giving "birth" in about an hour.

Your Kid Constantly Says "Baby"

I'm sure my son has learned the word "baby" from watching Sesame Street, as he certainly hasn't heard the word "baby" exit my mouth. Well, unless I'm talking to his father, and sometimes him, too. I guess. What can I say? I like cute pet names, so sue me.

However, in terms of an actual newborn baby, my son has learned about them (and apparently why he wants one) from "educational" television shows. Thanks a lot, Elmo.

Your Kid Sets Up Another Play Place For Their "Baby"

Like most toddlers, my son isn't really that big on sharing. I mean, he will if you ask him nicely (he actually demands a "please") and sometimes he will just straight-up give you all of his toys (he's disgustingly sweet, this kid).

Lately, however, he has been making an entirely new "play area" to share with the sibling that has yet to exist. He will pretend to play with this sibling, diving his toys accordingly and usually when I'm watching him. Talk about emotional terrorism, you guys.

Your Kid Points To Babies In Public

If your kid is like my kid, not only is there a defiant point in a baby's direction, but usually a loud "Look mama, baby!" exclamation will go along with it. While this would be kind of embarrassing, most people think it's damn adorable so I can remain unscathed.

Your Kid Actually Lets Your Partner Kiss Or Touch You

Usually, my son becomes extremely jealous if my partner so much as touched me. If he gives me a kiss, my partner needs to give our son a kiss, too. If he hugs me, my kid will get in between us, push my partner away, and give me a hug, instead.

Lately, however, he's been all about mom and dad's public displays of affection. Something is amiss, you guys. He's trying to facilitate some baby-making. I just know it.

Your Kid Sleeps Through The Night And In Their Own Bed

Something is "off" if my child stays in his toddler bed for an entire night. He might be unconscious, sure, but he's definitely planning something. I just know it. He wants a sibling and he's giving us silent permission to get our sexy on by actually staying out of our bed (which rarely ever happens)(.

Your Kid Agrees With Your Parents And/Or In-Laws

My mother is extremely supportive and never, ever pressures me to have more children. (In fact, she's more of the "take your time, there's no rush, you really don't need to pop another kid out anytime soon" camp.) My pseudo mother-in-law, on the other hand, wants me to have another three children as quickly as humanly possible. It's honestly pretty annoying and not a conversation I want to entertain every time I see her, but it is a conversation my son has started emphatically nodding his head to.

Now, he has no idea what his grandmother is saying (I think), but he seems to agree with her anyway. It's a conspiracy.

Your Kid Actually Says, "I Want A Sibling"

OK, this obviously isn't subtle. However, if your kid is old enough to just straight-up say, "I want a brother or a sister," they clearly are in the market for a sibling. Thankfully, my 2-year-old toddler has yet to say the aforementioned sentence to me, and until he does I'm just going to claim ignorance.