Amazing Things I Can Do With A Hands-Free Pump

Sadly, I didn't have a hands-free pump. In fact, I didn't even know they existed. I did, however, take my regular electric pump, cut two holes in my sports bra, and pushed the flanges through the holes before reattaching everything to create a "homemade" hands-free pump of sorts. I felt immediate freedom and realized there were actually some pretty amazing things I could accomplish with a hands-free pump.

If you don't already know, there are some really cool hands-free breast pumps available, now. However, they can be quite expensive (like, ridiculously expensive), so it's worth checking out little hacks you can easily rig to free up your hands while you pump if you can't afford the fancy stuff. You can use a bra with holes in it (like I did) or tie hairbands to the straps of your bra and attach them to the breast shields. I know, I know. You're welcome.

Pumping can take a long time, especially at the beginning when you're trying to get the hang of everything. Having to hold onto the breast shields as you pump can be annoying , messy and a waste of your precious time. I can't help but think of all the multitasking opportunities that are lost, while busy moms sit holding these flasks to their breasts and doing little of anything else (although, I do hope you all are resting because that's necessary and well-deserved). So, if you're looking to get a few things done while pumping, here's a few suggestions:


I'll admit, this took some practice and more than a few times I spilled precious milk on myself (especially when trying to re-thread the bobbin). But it is possible to craft some Etsy-worthy creations while you pump milk for your little one.


If you'er going to be stuck on hold with some customer service representative waiting to speak to a supervisor, you might as well take the time to blow off some steam. Right?

Go Shopping

Some of the latest breast pumps on the market fit right inside your bra, and can be used on-the-go. Yay technology.

Still, and even if you have an older-style model, you can still be a fashionista by grabbing your laptop and shopping online.

Surf The Net

As a new mom, I had a hundred questions about newborn babies and what was and wasn't normal, especially in the middle of the night when my brain finally had the ability to, you know, brain. This is a great time to poll the world wide web and read as many articles as possible and until you realize (almost) everyone else is worrying about the same things.

Text A Friend

Keep in touch with your pals by sending texts and showing some interest in their lives. This is the perfect opportunity to take a little time for yourself and reconnect with friends.

Channel Surf

I would often nurse my baby, put him down to sleep, and then go and pump and use this time to catch up on my shows or read some new magazines. Something that, before my hands free invention, felt like a chore now felt like an indulgence. Yes.

Change A Diaper

It takes some coordination and you need to dodge flailing little legs, but it is possible to change a dirty diaper and pump at the same time.

Run A Business

If you need to, or want to return to work while you are still breastfeeding, pumping hands-free allows you to use the computer, take phone calls, complete reports, and basically do most office tasks you would otherwise do if you weren't pumping.

I started a home based business as a new mom, and used my pumping time to write contracts, organize my finances, and design advertising for my new venture.

World Domination

Women run the world and pumping moms are no different. While you pump and collect that "liquid gold," there's no reason you can't also run a company, or paint a picture, design an app, help your older kids with their homework, or prepare supper and become a mommy multitask master. After all, females are strong as hell.