9 Disney Boy Names That Will Have You Feeling The Magic

From the moment you find out the gender of your baby, your mind is swirling with anticipation, excitement, and probably a little nervousness, too. If you’re like me, when you discovered you were going to be having a baby boy, you couldn’t help but immediately picture him as a little prince. It’s hard to escape the allure of fairy tales with princesses, princes, magical creatures, and happy endings. That’s probably why there are so many wonderful Disney-Inspired baby boy names to choose from. Most people have cherished childhood memories of reading fairy tales and watching Disney movies; so why not let that be your inspiration?

Sure, not every boy grows up to be a suave prince, but there are just as many charming and funny male characters in Disney movies as there are royal characters. If you don’t have a name picked out already — or you do, but you keep changing your mind — then let yourself enjoy the parent-to-be rite of passage that is finding the perfect name for your future child. Waiting for your baby to arrive can be a nerve wracking time and your to-do list is probably over a mile long. Allow yourself to take a little break from the chaos and start to feel the magic with these Disney-inspired baby boy names.



Cinderella's canine companion bounced his way into hearts everywhere in the classic fairy tale. Bruno, which originated in Germany and means shield or armor, is a great choice for any parent who likes unique names.



The prince from Sleeping Beauty — and the first one with a name in a Disney movie — is brave and kind, just like all royalty is supposed to be. The name Phillip comes from Greece and means friend of horses. Animal lovers, rejoice!



The pup with a big appetite and an even bigger heart is one of my favorite characters in 101 Dalmations. Rolly, a shortened nickname for Roland, means amous land. Maybe your little one will be a star? Or a real estate agent?



Daschie was the friendly but timid Dachsund in the pound with the Lady and the Tramp. Dash is a fun twist on this Disney-inspired name. Dash is also said to be the shortened version of Dashiell which surprisingly has an unknown meaning.



Although Riley is a female character in Inside Out, the name can actually be used for boys or girls. From the Irish for valiant, this is an ideal option for parents looking for a gender neutral name.



Who can forget the adorable star of Wall-E? If you love astronomy, then this name might be for you. Wally, short for Wallace, means Welsh or foreigner in French. And what was Wall-E if not a foreigner among the stars?



The gruff but sweet dad in Brave, Fergus is a traditional and strong name. It's no surprise that it means man of vigor in Gaelic.



One part of the duo Tuck and Roll, Tuck is a cute pill bug from A Bug's Life. The shortened version of Tucker, this name means softener of cloth. Not sure if the meaning is very inspiring, but Tuck is definitely a cute name



Chef Louis from The Little Mermaid may not have been animal friendly, but he sure was excited about his work! Spelled either as Louis or Lewis, the name goes way back and means famous in war. It also gives you an excuse to speak with a French accent.

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