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'Toy Story' Fans Of Every Age Will Fall For These Forky Halloween Costumes

Forget about Buzz and Woody. The real superstar of Toy Story 4 was a spunky little spork named, what else, Forky. Kids everywhere went wild over this little piece of plastic who showed us that trash can become treasure, and that friendship can be found in the most unlikely of places. Which is probably why you’re bound to see a whole lot of Forky costumes come Halloween this year.

Although he didn’t quite start out as a toy (he was made from a spork, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and googly eyes), Forky quickly became Bonnie’s best friend in Toy Story 4. He helped her adapt to her first day at kindergarten, and eventually went on to become her favorite toy, despite his proclamations that he’s trash. With his sweet, simple design, and his earnest quest to find out who he truly is in this world, it’s easy to fall in fall in love with his endearing character. And fans certainly did. In fact, Toy Story 4 has grossed over $1 billion worldwide, Variety reported.

Although Forky is a total DIY project, you don’t have to come up with the costume yourself if your kid is clamoring to be Forky. So whether you want to dress up your kid (or yourself), these 10 Forky costumes will help you look like everybody’s favorite spork.


Kids Forky Costume

Although Forky is sweet, there’s definitely a little bit of the creepy factor with this costume from Disney. Maybe it’s your kid’s eyeball peeking out that gives this costume more chilling than charming. The two-piece set comes with a white jumpsuit and mask, including appliqués to give it an original look.


Child Forky Costume

This super cute costume from Party City captures all the cuteness of Forky. It comes with matching red gloves, which is great if Halloween night tends to be chilly in your neck of the woods. And the shoe covers ensure a more authentic look than, say, your kid’s dirty sneakers.


Toy Story 4 Forky Mask

If your kid suddenly doesn’t want to wear his costume, he can still put on this adorable Forky mask. It’s made from foam, so your child won’t feel uncomfortable on Halloween. All you need to do is add a white shirt and pants, some red gloves, and you’re good to go.


Forky Raglan Baseball Shirt (Adult)

Tween too cool to wear a costume? Let him get his tricks (and treats) with this Forky-inspired raglan shirt. It’s 100% cotton — and 100% adorbs.


Forky Maternity Shirt

Sure, you can attach some googly eyes to your bump, and paint on a unibrow and mouth. Or, you can just get this fun Forky maternity shirt. That way, your baby-to-be will be all dressed to get in on that candy action.


Forky Spork Toy Story Tutu Dress

Your little girl will be tutu cute with this precious Toy Story 4 Forky dress. Full of ribbons and bows and everything that little girls love, she’ll be the star of the Halloween set. The red ribbon trim matches Forky’s unibrow perfectly.


Forky Costume For Girls

For the girly girl in your life, this Forky dress is delicious with (count ‘em) six layers of tulle. The bodice is made from stretchy material and the Forky face clips to the dress. It even has real googly eyes. You’ll wish that it came in your size, too.


Personalized Toy Story 4 Onesie

There’s nothing more frightening than trying to finagle a baby into a Halloween costume. Skip the struggle, and slip this sweet little Forky onesie on your little monster instead. You can even personalize it so that everyone will know her name.


Forky Romper Suit

This handmade Forky romper suit looks like it has love sewn in every stitch. The rickrack represents Forky’s red pip cleaner arms, and the blue and white striped fabric gives this costume a sweetly vintage vibe. You might find yourself putting this outfit on your baby even after Halloween.