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9 Instant Pot Super Bowl Recipes, Because Game Day Entertaining Should Be Easy

Whether you're inviting the entire neighborhood over to watch the game, or you're having a more low-key gathering, one fact remains: everyone needs some amazing game day food. These Instant Pot Super Bowl recipes are perfect for any size of party & the appliance does all the work for you.

Making your Super Bowl party foods in the Instant Pot is a game-changer for so many reasons. First of all, the Instant Pot is well named because the popular pressure cooker can drastically reduce cooking times. Even dishes that often need hours of careful preparation, such as BBQ or chili, can be cooked and ready to go in a fraction of the time, in some cases, even minutes. Seriously, the first time you cook dried beans in the Instant Pot is a revelatory experience, because it is unbelievably fast. Plus, the Instant Pot will keep chilis, dips, and BBQ warm and ready to go for hours on end, so you and your crew can enjoy snacks throughout the entire game.

If it seems like food is the real star of the show on Super Bowl weekend, well, you aren't totally wrong. If nothing else, people certainly like to eat big on the biggest day of the NFL year. In fact, there's often a 35 percent rise in the number of pizza deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Statistic Brain. But with these amazing dishes at the ready, you and yours won't be calling for takeout any time soon.


Instant Pot Hummus With Chimichurri

Spice up your hummus with this delicious creation. A ridiculously flavorful dip, the Instant Pot hummus with chimichurri from A Cozy Kitchen is perfection. Serve it with chips, crackers, pita bread, veggies, or, well, just about anything.


3-2-1 Dip

Every game day party needs a warm, cheesy dip. And the 3-2-1 Dip from Averie Cooks is flavorful and super easy to make. Make sure you have plenty of chips on hand for this deliciousness.


Chicken & Prune Tagine

For a different take on filling Super Bowl recipes, give this one a spin. The chicken & prune tagine from Big Girls Small Kitchen is made for your Instant Pot. Plus, it includes a ton of warming spices. Sure, it's different from the average plate of chicken wings, but it's still very tasty.


Pinto Beans With Chorizo

For a tasty meal that can feed tons of people, look no further. You can feed a whole team without dropping a ton of cash with this piquant recipe. The Instant Pot pinto beans with chorizo from Budget Bytes is perfectly savory.


Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken

This particular dish is both flavorful and super-simple to cook, which is the dream for any Super Bowl party hostess. The Instant Pot salsa verde chicken from Cookies & Cups is seasoned with cumin, paprika, and many other delicious spices. Use it to fill tacos, sprinkle over nachos, or just eat it as-is.


Mexican Quinoa Stew

This is another filling, hearty option. The Mexican quinoa stew from Cookie and Kate, with its assortment of spices and veggies, will please most anyone. It's another delicious dish you can eat with chips, making it a perfect game day treat.


Instant Pot Parmesan Garlic Artichokes

The Instant Pot recipe cuts artichoke steaming time dramatically, meaning you and your family can enjoy these delicious little suckers on the regular. The recipe for Instant Pot parmesan garlic artichokes from Family Fresh Meals looks like something I want to try ASAP. NO need to wait until game day to enjoy this tempting treat.


Instant Pot Creamy Macaroni And Cheese

I mean, what's a party without some comfort food, right? You can whip up this Instant Pot creamy macaroni and cheese from Foodie Crush in almost no time at all. With potential add-ons like pesto or garlic breadcrumbs, this simple staple can be fancied up to fit any palate.


Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

A great barbecue dish is impossible to beat. This Instant Pot BBQ pulled pork from Gimme Some Oven cooks up in just an hour or so. Plus, the BBQ will stay nice and hot in the Instant Pot all evening, so everyone can have a hot sandwich at a moment's notice.

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