These New Fall Shows Look Entertaining For Kids *And* Adults

When kids love a show, they really love it. To the point you'd be happy to never speak of it again. I don't know about you, but I can only take so much Pokémon (which is what my youngest streams 24/7) before I want to scream. Good thing we're at the precipice of new fall shows. I only have three requirements: there's no catchy song I'll later curse, it's kid-friendly but equally thrilling for adults, and the annoyance level is low. After some searching, I found a few kids' shows premiering this fall that your munchkins will love, and for the love of all things, hopefully mine will, too.

According to Deadline, there are hundreds of broadcast, cable and streaming shows between September 1 and December 31, as well as "high-profile one-off programs." All I ask is a mere few new shows my kids can flip between — or even one — before I accidentally manifest into a Pokémon. With the return of my personal favs, This Is Us, The Goldbergs, and Superstore, along with buzzworthy newcomers like A Million Little Things and Single Parents, my chances of stumbling upon new kids shows felt bleak. Lucky for you, I did the work so you don't have to. If you don't want to wait for fall's official start, Netflix has a ton of kid-friendly shows ready to stream and most of them serve the littler ones. Here's a few new shows your munchkins, big and small, can get into (and that you won't hate).

You're welcome, in advance.

The Dragon Prince (Out Now)

Two prince brothers, Callum and Ezran, and an elven assassin get together on what Netflix hailed as "an epic quest to bring peace to their warning lands." Though typically for older kids, my 6-year-old is all about shows like this. It doesn't even matter that Gamespot compared this new series to the likes of Avatar (but doesn't hurt). Count us way the heck in, Netflix.

Pete the Cat (Out Now)

What kid doesn't love Pete the Cat? That's a trick question. This adaptation of the book series provides a new way of appreciating Pete, complete with new music by Elvis Costello and Diana Krall. It only just began streaming on Amazon so you have time to catch up.

Star Wars Resistance (October 7)

Are there kids out there who aren't into the Star Wars franchise? I don't know the answer to that but my two kids love SW, and it just so happens, I do, too. This animated adventure begins before The Force Awakens with aspiring pilot, Kazuda Xiono. Poe Dameron sends him on an undercover mission where he crosses paths with Captain Phasma and BB-8. There may be flying. There's probably space. There's a whole lot of resistance. Catch episodes of Star Wars Resistance on Disney Channel beginning October 7.

Dancing With The Stars: Juniors (October 7)

If you're a fan of DWTS in general, you won't mind getting your kids on board with the junior addition. It may even inspire a little dancing of their own. The premiere is set for October 7 on ABC.

Harvey Street Kids (Out Now)

Harvey Street is the place to be. Three girls who love Harvey Street so much, they vow to protect it at all costs (and look darn awesome doing it). Your fall gift came early — check this one out on Netflix now.

Transformers: Cyberverse (Out Now)

There's been a ton of Transformer-esque shows and movies over the years and I promise my son's seen them all. This new series is more of a vintage reboot with favs like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Megatron, though it follows its own rules with timelines and story. This version is special in that in introduces a female Autobot, Windblade, who ultimately becomes a leader against Decepticons. It only began its first season September 1 on Cartoon Network so plan to marathon so you're all caught up.

Hilda (September 21)

Netflix gives cable serious competition with how many kid-friendly shows they offer. Blue-haired Hilda (with her pet deerfox) star in a new animated streaming series based on Luke Pearson comics. The show follows the titular Hilda as she leaves the enchanted forest for the city where there may or may not be monster fighting. I'm in. Hilda premieres September 21 on Netflix.

Bake It Like Buddy (September 22)

For the food-lovers in the fam, Discovery Family offers this kid-friendly reality competition where families compete in bake-offs. No actual cooking experience required to watch this one. Bake It Like Buddy Premiers September 22.

Under the Sea: A Descendants Story (September 28)

If you have a Descendants fan in the house (I did until mine grew "too old") this is one showdown of the villains you won't want to miss. Under the Sea premiers September 28 on Disney Channel.

This list isn't exhaustive but, if you have little ones who've grown as tired of Pikachu as you have (hint hint) kick off fall with a little munchkin-friendly marathoning. And don't worry — only a few have songs you'll find yourself humming later.