25 Hidden Gems That You Should Be Watching On Netflix

Spending a quiet night in or relaxing at the end of a long day by watching something on Netflix might be a pretty common reality in your world. All too often, however, you probably just resort to firing up your favorite movie or re-watching your favorite TV show for the thousandth time. Sometimes, it might be that you're too tired or impatient to click through the substantial list of offerings, but other times, it might be that you didn't realize how many great choices you really have. There are tons of hidden gems that you should be watching on Netflix and, since the streaming service regularly switches up offerings, adding new TV shows or movies, and sometimes producing its own originals as well, there's probably nearly always something great on Netflix that you haven't seen before or, at least, for awhile.

No matter what you're in the mood for, be it an informative documentary, a dreamy romance, a comedy that gets you laughing out loud, or a drama or thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, there's something that'll appeal to you. Who knows, you might even find your new favorite movie or show. These Netflix gems will keep you entertained until the credits roll.




This super popular movie has captivated audiences of all ages since it was first released (not too long ago), but now you can watch it in the comfort of your own home on Netflix. It tells the story of Miguel, who wants to be a musician, and crosses into the afterlife to learn more about his ancestors on Día de los Muertos.


Schitt's Creek


This Canadian comedy tells the story of the Rose family, who is forced to move to a town they bought as a joke called Schitt's Creek after their business manager steals nearly all of their money. The family is way outside their comfort zone.


Bobby Kennedy For President


This Netflix original "docuseries" discusses the effect that Bobby Kennedy had on the country as well as his continued legacy.


Doctor Foster


If you love British TV shows, here's another to add to your list. Dr. Gemma Foster suspects that her husband is having an affair and she's determined to discover the truth, regardless of what she might learn along the way.


Queer Eye


A Netflix original reboot of the popular Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, this show features a new "Fab Five" and new men who need their help.


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee


Jerry Seinfeld hosts this funny show, which feels part talk-show, part friends hanging out and driving around together. Seinfeld is joined by many famous comedians and many sports cars.


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman


David Letterman is one of the most famous late-night talk show hosts ever and when his last show went off the air, some thought that'd be the end of his talk show hosting days. This new show, a Netflix original, allows him to have longer, more serious, more engaging conversations with guests ranging from Barack Obama to Malala Yousafzai and beyond.




This Netflix show tells the story of an Israeli agent who's pulled out of retirement after someone he thought he killed turns out not to have been killed. The stakes are high for both the agent and the fighter he's now looking for.




This show is a historical drama that tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, who had been hidden away until she was able to join her future husband in France, as well as her journey to power.




This show has a loyal following, but the series finale is now available to stream. The show tells the story of eight separate people who are able to communicate telepathically, which puts a target on all of their backs.


Breaking Bad


When high school chemistry teacher Walter White finds out that he's dying of cancer, he attempts to provide for his family by making and selling meth, but he might have gotten into more than even he was prepared to.


The Tudors


If royal intrigue and historical dramas are your thing, The Tudors is another show that should definitely be on your list. It tells the story of one of England's most famous monarchs, Henry VIII, and his court in 16th-century England.




This show tells the story of a pretty, smart, rich, and doting wife who's actually — and secretly, of course — a con artist. And with the help of her associates, she's able to dupe all manner of wealthy, successful men.


The Fall


When a serial killer terrorizes an area, a fearless homicide detective has to figure out how to track him down. In order to do so, she'll not only have to try to think like he does, but also set aside her own internal issues so she can get to the bottom of what's really going on.




If old Westerns are more your speed, you might enjoy this original Netflix TV show about an outlaw looking for an old associate who now lives in a town in which only women live. This quiet town is about to get a little bit more exciting.


Santa Clarita Diet


Married realtors Sheila and Joel seem to be a normal couple with a normal family, but they're certainly not what they seem. When Joel discovers Sheila is more into eating human flesh than vegetables, well, there's little doubt that their relationship is going to change.


Madame Secretary


Téa Leoni stars in this political drama in which she plays a woman who becomes the Secretary of State and isn't afraid to do the things that she thinks are right. Like most working women, she'll also have to navigate her family relationships and her professional relationships.


Nurse Jackie


Edie Falco stars in this TV show as an emergency room nurse named Jackie. As Jackie's personal life starts to break down and her high-stress job takes a toll, she turns to pain medications to help her cope with it all.




As a female detective investigates the murder of a delivery man on a London street, she has to figure out how the murder, acts of revenge, many lies, drug dealers, smugglers, and more all go together.


Money Heist


This dramatic TV show tells the story of a group of robbers attempting to pull off a big-time heist. As a number of them take hostages within the Royal Mint of Spain, another tries to put his plan into action.


Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce


This comedy introduces you to a group of 40-something friends living in Los Angeles. When a best-selling self-help author (who writes about her relationship and family) and her husband privately separate, she has to rely on her friends as she navigates her new life.




This Netflix original TV show follows drug dealers in Colombia as they attempt to seize whatever power they can, by whatever means necessary — no matter the violent costs.


The Week Of


After a couple announces their intention to marry, both (large) families stay in the same out leading up to the big day. But both fathers butt heads over wedding plans, which leaves the week before the wedding feeling even more stressful and chaotic than normal.




Two extremely wealthy and powerful families battle for influence, power, money, and family legacy in this dramatic show. Yes, it is, in fact, a reboot of the former soap opera, Dynasty.


The King's Speech


King George VI, played by Colin Firth, has to directly address the entire nation during the war, but the king has a stutter by which he's been long-embarrassed. In an effort treat his stutter, he enlists the help of a speech therapist, who, over time, becomes a friend.