9 Masturbation Hacks For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can be stressful, especially when you're at the point where tasks you used to do with ease are now extremely difficult to complete. And what's worse? It's often the tasks that helped rid you of stress that seem like more trouble than it's worth. Ever tried to get out of a bathtub at nine months pregnant? Sex is no different, especially when it comes to masturbation. Masturbating is the perfect way to rid yourself of stress, which is masturbation hacks for pregnant women are totally necessary.

Still not sure why you need them? Think about all of the benefits of orgasms. Why shouldn't you take advantage of those while you're pregnant? If the thought of sex is making you exhausted already, that's understandable. But it's exactly why you should turn to masturbation instead. It's the perfect way to get a little alone time, unwind, and enjoy yourself without having to do a whole lot of work.

But that doesn't mean masturbating while pregnant is always easy. You are, after all, sporting quite a large bump in your belly. If you're finding it hard to work your way around it or noticing other aspects of pregnancy affect your tried and true masturbation technique, then take a look at these nine masturbation hacks. (You're welcome.)


Use Your Sex Toys

Your sex toys are not only safe during pregnancy, but they might be better than your hands. In fact, The Bump noted that a vibrator is actually a milder alternative to heavy thrusting from your partner, so feel free to let your little battery operated friend do all of the work for you.


Keep Your Sex Toys Sanitized & Clean

But make sure you keep all of those sex toys thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. You don't want an infection, so Baby Center suggested washing your toys with warm, soapy water before drying them and storing them in a clean place.


Use Lubricant

If you are going to use sex toys or your fingers to penetrate, you might want to pick up some lubricant. It's normal for women to experience vaginal dryness while pregnant according to Parents, so keep yourself well lubricated to make your masturbation worthwhile. It's also been reported that lubricants can make your genitals more sensitive, so your alone time may be even better with a little bit of liquid gold.


Take Your Time

There are a lot of benefits to masturbating while pregnant, but you should also be sure to take your time and see what you like. Your body's going through some major changes, so don't be surprised if things that used to turn you on, like nipple play, now ruin your whole experience. Also, Fit Pregnancy noted that your genitals are super sensitive thanks to that extra blood flow, so you may need to take some time to change up your intensity.


Try New Positions

Just like sex during pregnancy, masturbating while pregnant may require some new positions to keep you comfortable. Some experts have suggested that lying flat on your back while pregnant isn't safe, so experiment with masturbation positions like laying on your side, bending over the bed, or getting up on all fours.


Hit The Bathtub Or Shower

Water in general is relaxing while you're pregnant, but it can also help you masturbate. Fit Pregnancy suggested taking a warm (not too hot) bath while pregnant as a way to soothe your back, but feel free to use that shower head to help yourself unwind even more. The water will keep your body from feeling uncomfortable and you'll be able to decompress enough to bring yourself to orgasm.


Do It Right Before Bedtime

Let's get personal here — I call masturbation "nature's sleeping pill." According to What to Expect, everything from hormonal changes to general anxiety can keep you from sleeping well while pregnant. But an orgasm can help you drift off. According to Self, a hormone called oxytocin causes endorphins to rush in after you orgasm, causing a sedative effect on your body. So make your masturbation time right when you're climbing into bed to knock out two birds with one stone — relaxation and sleep.


Set The Mood For Yourself

You deserve it. Don't use masturbation as something random to pass the time — turn it into a worthwhile time. Parents noted that many women suffer from low sex drive during pregnancy because they simply just don't feel attractive. If you want to masturbate, but are feeling lackluster about it, set the mood. Light some candles, read some erotica, put on your favorite lingerie, and make a night out of it.


Focus On Clitoral Stimulation If You're On Pelvic Rest

A major hack? You can, generally, masturbate while you're on pelvic rest. Of course, you should check in with your doctor, but Mayo Clinic noted that most pelvic rest restrictions focus on penetration and keeping your cervix intact. So with your doctor's go-ahead, feel free to focus on plenty of clitoral stimulation so you can still orgasm even if sex is completely off the agenda.