9 People Who Will Change Your Life During Pregnancy

It's said that some people come into our lives as a blessing, and others as a lesson. That's a little "woo woo" for me, but I can appreciate how people have impacted my life. During pregnancy, you'll come into contact with individuals that you'd rather not, but, if you're lucky, you'll also meet amazing humans who will support you in unexpected and wonderful ways. You may not see them coming, so allow me to introduce you to some of the people who will change your life during pregnancy.

I have miserable pregnancies, and it makes it really hard to enjoy the experience. I am forever indebted to those who have made it more bearable. One of them? My daughter's preschool teacher. She sees me three days a week at drop off and pickup, and she noticed almost immediately the change in me when my severe nausea kicked in. I ended up revealing my pregnancy to her before virtually anyone else, and she was an incredible source of empathy and encouragement. I mean, the woman offered me the keys to her house so I could lie down and rest while she cared for my child.

Social support is a significant predictor for maternal wellbeing and quality of life. Many women get this from their partner and family, but they aren't the only sources. From making you more comfortable to enabling your lemon meringue pie craving to improving your mental health, these helpers are worth their weight in gold:

Your Prenatal Yoga Instructor

According to American Pregnancy Association (APA), prenatal yoga has benefits that range from alleviating nausea and pain to increased strength and flexibility. Your prenatal yoga instructor can create a peaceful, stress-free oasis for you. You'll thank her for her techniques for better sleep, massage ball recommendations, and saving your literal behind when you get stuck in bridge pose.

Your Provider

Whoever you choose — obstetrician, family physician, certified nurse midwife, or other — you'll be seeing your provider on a regular basis during your pregnancy. They are an essential source of information, counseling, and education, not to mention medical treatment. Their guidance can make all the difference in how you navigate pregnancy. The anti-nausea medication my midwife prescribed completely turned my pregnancy experience around.

If the person providing your care is not a positive presence in your life, it's probably time to make a change.

The Delivery Person

OK, so maybe technically you're indebted to your credit card and the Amazon fulfillment center, but don't discount the UPS, FedEx, or U.S. Postal Service who brings packages to your door. Pregnancy fatigue is real, and the convenience of having someone make inconspicuous deliveries of incontinence pads directly to your home simply cannot be underestimated.

Your Leggings Dealer

Whether you buy them from a direct sales consultant or Target, the person who ensures your access to stretchy pants during pregnancy deserves a round of applause.

Your Experienced Mom Friends

Experienced mom friends are your lifeline and personal Wonder Women. They will lend you their old maternity clothes, bring you freezer meals, help you create a registry, and host an epic shower. Perhaps most important, they can offer sympathy in a way others can't because they actually do know what you're going through.

The Curbside Pickup Person

What a time to be alive! You'll pay for the privilege, but you don't even have to go into the grocery store anymore if you're not feeling it. According to Parents, you shouldn't be lifting more than 25-30 pounds while pregnant anyway, so having someone else load your grocery bags into the trunk isn't just helpful — it's necessary.

Your Pregnancy Class Instructor

As an expectant mother, you can take classes on everything from newborn care to breastfeeding to childbirth. Get ready for your teacher to drop some serious knowledge. From labor pain relief techniques to that weird substance on your newborn, your instructor will help you feel informed and confident.

The Roasted Nut Seller At The Farmer's Market

Nothing like cinnamon-roasted almonds to quell that sweet and salty craving! Thank you, purveyor of delicious bags of flavored nuts.

Your Baby

You know your life is going to change irrevocably once your baby makes their grand entrance into the world, but it might surprise you what an impact that little presence has in the nine or so months prior. You're still you, but the love you feel for the little person inside you is unlike anything you've ever experienced, and your life will be better for it.

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