Why I Bathe With My Son & Won't Apologize For It

I grew up in a pretty conservative household. While some friends of mine were comfortable walking around in their underwear around family members, in our house, you never left the privacy of the bed or bathroom unless you were fully clothed. On the few occasions my family went to the beach or pool, I always wore a shirt over my bathing suit. So, there was no co-bathing in our home. However, I always knew I would parent differently, and that’s why I refuse to apologize for bathing with my son.

Technically, I co-shower more than co-bathe. I prefer showers, and even on the rare occasion that I take a bath, I still take a quick shower afterward. Once my son got too old for the sink, and then his little, plastic whale tub, we decided showers would be an easy transition. He still brings his toys into the shower and we all have a great time. He doesn’t see anything wrong with mommy or daddy undressing and showering with him, or with being nude around mom and dad, because there’s nothing inappropriate about it.

While it's sad there are those out there that would shame us for this completely normal act, I do understand that every person's comfort level is different. Still, if you’re really wondering why myself and others are perfectly OK with co-showering and co-bathing, read on.

I Like To Multitask

This is simple enough. As a mom, I don’t have a whole lot of downtime. When I’m making breakfast, I’m also cleaning the kitchen. When I'm playing with my kid, I’m also brainstorming articles for work. And sometimes when I shower, I give my kid a shower at the same time.

It Saves Water

I won’t lie, this is not the main reason I co-bathe. However, it should technically save at least some water (and money) to allow him to rinse his soap off while I lather up away from the shower head, right?

Sometimes It’s Easier Than Washing Him While I’m Outside The Tub

I have a bad back thanks to an unfortunate roller skating incident. As such, it can be hell on my back to bend over and give my son a bath. It’s much easier for me to crouch down while we both shower and get my son clean.

My Son Seems To Enjoy It

My son has never actually complained about co-showering with me. In fact, he usually prefer when mommy comes into the tub with him. Why should I deny him these things when he’s only 3?

I Don’t Actually See Anything Wrong With It

I know some people have hangups about nudity around their children, but I’m not one of those people. I think it’s perfectly fine for him to see me in the nude (at least while he’s still young). To sexualize these kinds of actions is to seek out something “dirty” where it doesn’t actually exist.

It’s A Fun Bonding Experience

I won’t say that I love bathing my son, because I don’t. I tend to find it a chore. But sometimes it can be a lot of fun, and I know the older he gets, the more I’m going to miss these small opportunities to connect with him.

It Certainly Won’t Last Forever

My son just turned 3 years old and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down in the aging process. Despite everyone telling me the time would fly by, I hadn’t felt it until just now when he was suddenly and very apparently not a child. So why not enjoy these times before they’re gone?

I Want My Son To Be Comfortable Around Different Types Of Bodies

My son is going to absorb a lot of messages throughout his life about what people’s bodies are "supposed" to look like. Magazines, television, movies: they’re all going to form his ideas. So if at least for a time, he can see some more “average” looking bodies, perhaps it will help combat the idea that all people should look a certain way.

It’s None Of Your Damn Business

Why do people make this sort of thing their business? Seriously, the shaming needs to stop. Y’all do you. But for me, co-bathing is where it’s at.