9 Reasons Why Sex With A Woman With Tattoos Is The Best You'll Ever Have

It's difficult (read: impossible) to accurately assume anything about a person based on how they look. Sure, you can make sweeping generalizations and maybe you'll be right every once in a while, but people are complicated and something as shallow as appearance cannot possibly capture the entirety of a human being.

Unless, of course, that human being has tattoos.

The presence of a little ink can tell you a lot about an individual: what they've learned about and applied to parenthood, how creative they are, how good (or bad) of a parent they are (according to some people) and, yes, how great they are in bed. It's safe to assume, in fact, that anyone with a tattoo is dynamite in bed, and their tattoos are proof that when it comes to throwing down they're the best of the best. If they have a cute rib tattoo, you know they're not afraid of a little pain. If they have a simple, small tattoo, you know that even if they're sometimes shy, they'll always find a creative way to express themselves. And if they're completely inked out, well, you know that there is next to nothing that a tattooed woman wouldn't try or attempt at least once.

Should we go around judging people (and their abilities) based on how they look? Well, of course not. But if you see an inked woman, you might as well save yourself some time and just assume she's amazing in bed. Here are nine reasons why, in case you have trouble and really want to cut your getting-to-know-you time in half.

They Appreciate A Little Pain

To a tatted woman, pain is pleasure (and by pain, I mean a heathy, consensual amount, of course). A little slap on the ass or a slight tug of the hair won't seem rude or condescending or "too much" for most women with tattoos. Pain and pleasure can coexist, and with a woman who says that is what she wants, you know that you're going to be in for one wild ride.

They Can Be Patient

A tattooed woman knows what it's like to sit back and patiently wait for someone to give her what she wants. Hell, she knows what it's like to be patient for months or even years while she saves money and finds just the right artist to make the mark she desires. She had to be patient when her tattoo artist was working, so she can definitely be patient with a lover if he or she needs a little more time to navigate their way to pleasure town.

They Have Respect For Process, And Doing Things The Right Way, As Opposed To The Fast Way

A tattoo (or, at least a well-done tattoo) will not only take time, it will require a set of particular steps. First you research, then you take your idea to an artist, then you wait for that artist to draw the tattoo, then you get a stencil, then you finally get inked. If they're a fan of tattoo foreplay, they'll very likely be a fan of sexual foreplay too. They'll know that sometimes you have to rev your engine before you can just get up and go.

They're Adventurous

If you're willing to put something on your body that will last forever, chances are you're down for an adventure (or three). A tattooed woman isn't afraid of the unknown, is always ready to take a risk and won't mind trying new things so that you both are happy and fulfilled.

They're Down To Get Creative

Break out the Kama Sutra, take a trip to an adult toy store or introduce a new person into the mix. A tattooed woman isn't timid, and definitely won't be afraid to get creative. After all, her ink is an expression of her creativity that she wears on her sleeve (sometimes literally).

They're Not Scared To Let You Know What They Want

An inked woman walks into any tattoo shop with a vision. She may not know exactly what she wants, but she has an idea and she has to (and will) voice that idea in order to get the tattoo she wants. She's not timid or afraid to do that in the bedroom either. Whether it's letting you know what works and what doesn't, or it's having a tough conversation about your sex life, an inked woman will make her voice (and her vision) known.

Their Imagination Never Sleeps

Because they're so creative, their imagination is always running wild. Daydreams about afternoon delights are not uncommon among inked women, because they're always thinking about the next time they're going to either get a tattoo, or have their current tattoos admired.

They're Not Ashamed Of Their Body

A woman with a tattoo believes her body is beautiful, unique, and worthy of admiration. If a woman is willing to highlight a part of her body, decorate a part of her body or just celebrate a part of her body, she won't be ashamed of how that body looks or what that body can do. Especially in the bedroom.

Self-Expression Is Important To Them

A tattoo is nothing but a creative, long-lasting form of self-expression. If a woman is inked, you know that expressing herself is important to her — she likely won't be afraid to be her authentic self in all aspects of her life. Whether it's getting another tattoo or fulfilling her sexual desires, an inked women will always be true to who she is and what she wants.