9 'Star Wars'-Inspired Baby Names, So The Force Can Be Strong With Your Child

As with any fandom, Star Wars enthusiasts want to take every opportunity they can to show their dedication to the franchise. And this need does not stop when it comes to their children. So, if you're a super fan, you might be considering some Star Wars-inspired baby names for your unborn child. You'll buy them a Jedi-themed onesie, their first toy will be a stuffed R2-D2, you'll have them watching the movies from the crib, and you'll name them after your one of your favorite heroes.

Now of course, some Star Wars characters do not have names acceptable for humans (think Chewbacca and Jar-Jar). And obviously, some names are so futuristic, like Qui-Gon, that your child might feel like a bit of an odd-man-out introducing himself on the first day of kindergarten.

But that doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of names to choose from that salute the series. From the classic to the slightly unusual, there are many baby name options in every one of the Star Wars movies. Here are nine of the most iconic choices.



This is a pretty obvious choice. Luke is a classic name, so your baby boy's moniker won't scream Star Wars, but he'll still be named after the movie's hero.



Rey is a beautiful, simple name for a baby girl, plus it's the namesake of the female lead of The Force Awakens. It's like a ray of sunshine or a super badass Jedi.



Here's another character making his debut in The Force Awakens with a great name. It's simple, yet intrinsically cool. Your son will thank you for giving him such an awesome name.



Ok, not a typical choice, but it has a very regal ring to it. She could be Paddy or Patty for short, but her full name will reflect her Star-Wars-loving roots.



As in Edgar Allen, or Poe Dameron — the new Rebel Alliance fighter pilot in The Force Awakens. Either way, a great person to be named after.



All hail Princess Leia. This strong yet feminine name is the perfect choice for a little girl — it's subtly Star Wars, but the legacy is large.



Who wouldn't want to be named after a Samuel L. Jackson character? Mace is a cool, simple name any little boy will love.



Whether you name your daughter BeeBee, or use it as initials (e.g. short for Brittany Brooke), it's a super cute name, which pays homage to a super cute drone.



Lando's character change from plying schemer to Jedi dreamer makes him a great role model, and thus a great namesake to live up to, reminding your son to always fight on the side of good.



Instead of naming your daughter Annabelle or just Anne, why not name her Anakin? She'll still be Annie, but with a Star Wars twist. The only issue might be that Mr. Skywalker does become a member of The Dark Side...



You can choose to name your son Obi, or use it as a nickname for something like Obediah or Oberon if you're also a Shakespeare fan. Because being named after the Jedi Master is a serious honor.

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