9 Warm Weather Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Beat The Fall Heat


For most of the United States, Halloween nights are brisk if not downright chilly. Wearing boots and a hoodie to keep toasty while hitting up your neighbors for free candy is a necessity. But if you live in state with year-round summer weather, you'll probably find yourself in a Halloween situation in which a head-to-toe animal onesie costume is going to pose some serious problems of the "heat exhaustion" persuasion. Thankfully, there are more than a few warm-weather Halloween costume ideas you can either use or draw inspiration from that will keep your kids cool (both figuratively and literally).

While I’m living in Denver, Colorado these days, I spent 95 percent of my Halloweens down in Miami, Florida. If you’ve never experienced a hot Halloween (or a beach-worthy Christmas, for that matter), maybe you haven’t really thought about how this sort of weather can affect your clothing options and/or costume choices. When it’s 85 degrees and humid as hell outside, the last thing you’ll want to do is wear a mask or a thick body suit. Instead, you'll have to think a little bit more outside the box.

So if you're staring a hot Halloween night in the face, costumes that encourage tank tops, sandals, or other attire you might normally find on South Beach are highly recommended. But if you’re struggling to come up with a costume idea that your kid will like, but will also keep them cold, I definitely suggest one of the following:

'The Flintstones'


Crocheted Bamm-Bamm Outfit, $15+, Etsy | Pebbles Outfit, $50, Etsy

Last year I thought about dressing up as Betty Rubble and getting my kid to dress like Bamm-Bamm. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I wasn’t in tropical Miami anymore, so that costume idea would have probably resulted in a gnarly case of frostbite. That said, anyone’s outfit from The Flintstones cartoons makes for a great warm weather costume. Check out this adorable crocheted baby Bamm-Bamm outfit, complete with a very soft bat. This Pebbles outfit also does the cartoon original justice.

Adorable Ladybugs


Antennae With Matching Wings, $15, Etsy | Red Soccer Outfit, $75, US Soccer Store | Black Dot Stickers, $15, Amazon

There’s two ways you can go about the quintessential ladybug costume, depending on whether or not you were ever a fan of Jonathan Brandis and Rodney Dangerfield in the '90s. One, you can dress your child in all black and add some cute ladybug antennae with matching wings. The more .90s way would be to get your kid a red soccer outfit and you can stick all of these black dot stickers over them.

'The Simpsons'


Lisa Simpson Costume, $35, Halloween Costumes | Toy Saxophone, $10, Oriental Trading | Orange Shirt, $6, Walmart | Blue Shorts, $3, Old Navy | Skateboard, $21, Toys ' R' Us

Everyone character on The Simpsons has a pretty simple outfit, which will definitely work to your advantage this Halloween. Lisa? Red dress with pearls and maybe this head piece and a toy saxophone. Bart? Orange shirt, blue shorts, and a skateboard. See what I mean? And honestly, yellow body paint is totally optional. Folks will understand the costumes either way.

A Mermaid


Mermaid Tail, $36+, Etsy

What distinguishes a mermaid from anyone else? Their tale, of course. So really, all your kid needs for a mermaid costume is an awesome, sparkly mermaid tail. After that, you can make the costume uniquely your own. Wear a purple shell bra like Ariel or just throw on a t-shirt. You can add glitter to their makeup or hair for a fun touch.

A Troll


Troll Hair, $13, Spirit | Troll Costume, $20, Target

Because trolls live outside (and not in a snowy tundra), they don’t tend to wear much in the way of clothing. This is a plus for anyone whose kid really wants to dress up like Branch, Princess Poppy, or any random troll. The easiest way is just picking out random stuff from your kid’s closet that’s appropriate for warm weather, then adding this wildly-colored troll hair. Or, if your kid is more of a stickler for accuracy, they sell plenty of ready-made troll costumes at various Halloween shops.

A Greek Statue


White Sheet, $10+, Walmart | Brooch, $6, Ebay | White Body Paint, $5, Party City

A Greek statue is just the weather-friendly, gender-neutral costume you’ve been searching for. Plus, it’s super simple to make. Just gather up a white sheet, a Greek-style brooch, some sandals, and white body paint, and follow this DIY tutorial. Some of the paint might melt off after a while, so if it’s a concern, you could always just nix it.

A Miniature Hunter S. Thompson


Hawaiian Shirt, $9, JC Penney | Aviator Sunglasses, $10, Amazon | White Shorts, $7, Crazy8 | Bucket Hat, $7, Walmart

No doubt your kid will be the coolest in their classroom (at least, among the parents) dressed up as a pint-sized Hunter S. Thompson. Invoke their inner gonzo by dressing them in a hawaiian shirt, yellow-tinted aviator sunglasses, a pair of khakis or white shorts, and a bucket hat. Have them walk around with a pad and paper, or maybe a toy typewriter, for added effect.

'Dora The Explorer'


Pink Tee, $5, Party City | Orange Shorts, $3, JCPenney | Backpack, $17, Amazon

Few costumes are quite as easy to put together as Dora the Explorer, especially since you probably have some if not all the costume pieces. Find a pink tee and orange shorts, and pair it with some sneakers and, of course, Dora’s super cool purple backpack.

Frida Kahlo


Dress, $14, eBay | Flower Headband, $25, Etsy

A heroine to all art lovers large and small, dressing up like the iconic Mexican painter is great for anyone hoping their kid looks badass and also doesn’t melt in the Southern humidity. All you need is a Mexican-inspired dress, a flower headband, and some eyebrow pencil to rock Kahlo’s signature unibrow. You could also give your kid some paint brushes if you like to complete the look.

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