9 Ways To Know Your Partner Is A Bad Kisser, Aside From The Slobber

So imagine you're in a fulfilling, healthy, loving relationship with a perfect-for-you partner. The two of you have a blast together, your chemistry is better than anything Walter White could ever cook up, and you deeply care for and respect each other. But when the two of you are intimate, something feels off. You're both able to enjoy sex, your partner regularly makes you orgasm, but when the two of you lock lips? Well, you're thinking your partner is a bad kisser.

Sounds like the end of the world, but it's not. Although kissing plays a huge part in the intimacy of a relationship, a lackluster liplock isn’t a reason to break up with someone. Especially if they meet all of the other check marks on your list. It's possible to teach your partner how to kiss better without hurting their feelings, and it give the two of you practice in the make out department. But if your partner isn’t slobbering all over your face, how can you tell your partner is a bad kisser? Here are nine ways to know if your partner is a bad kisser and in need of a lip lock refresher to keep your relationship in good condition.


You Feel Like You've Been Licked By A Dog

The worst. Kissing should not included licking, save that for other matters of foreplay.


Your Jaw Hurts

Can't figure out why your jaw hurts after kissing your boo? It might be to accommodate their incredibly aggressive tongue or to keep from having your face sucked off by their lips.


You Find Yourself Leaning Back

And not in the sexy, climb on top of me and kiss me way. More like their mouth feels like a giant black hole and if you don't get away from it, you're going to be sucked into Mars.


They Don't Kiss You During Sex

Being a bad kisser isn't all about technique, you know. If your partner refuses to kiss you during sex or foreplay, I deem them a bad kisser.


You've Never Felt Their Tongue

They open their mouth and just maul yours without any tongue action or they think their lips can do all of the work in kissing. Either way, not a good sign.


They Give Open Mouth Pecks Like A Baby Bird

Open mouth kisses along your neck or collarbone that are slow, soft, and might have a little tongue? Hot. But open mouth kisses that feel like you're being pecked to death? Nope.


You Aren't Turned On When They Kiss You

Kissing is an important aspect of foreplay and your SO definitely needs some work if you're not getting randy from their kisses.


The Two Of You Have No Kissing Rhythm

Sometimes it takes a minute to catch on to someone else's kissing rhythm, but it shouldn't be screwed up every time you two kiss. Bumping heads constantly, going too fast, or going too slow all count as bad rhythm techniques.


You Straight Up Avoid Their Kisses

Come on. Biggest red flag, right? If the thought of kissing your partner makes you cringe, or you refuse to give in to their advances, it's time for a lesson or two.

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