A 'Golden Girls' Zoom Background Exists So Invite Everyone You Know

As if working from home weren't difficult enough, now you have the added stress of finding an attractive part of your house to set up a Zoom meeting. While video conferencing is an incredibly helpful tool, it also means that suddenly you have a real window into your coworkers’ lives and they, le sigh, into yours. Modsy gets this. That’s why the interior design idea site has created free pop culture backdrops you can use in place of you seated in front of a pile of dirty laundry, including a Golden Girls Zoom background that'll give your co-workers a sudden craving for cheesecake.

There are plenty of other options, too, from Frasier’s swank Seattle pad to Monica Gellar's NYC apartment on Friends to the Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow home, there are 21 different TV and movie backdrops to choose from. But let's be serious: Why wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to live like your favorite lanai-dwelling ladies?

Yes, just follow Modsy’s instructions and suddenly your next virtual innovation meeting will feel like it’s in the cozy confines of a geriatric bachelorette pad circa 1985. Sure Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia won’t be there, but thanks to the high-res renderings, it’ll feel like Rose could emerge from the kitchen any second with her signature Saint Olaf Genurkenflurgen cake.

And the virtual reality doesn’t stop there. Modsy has taken their set design to the next level by including the gals' favorite things, like a cigar box, Dorothy’s wedding photo, and a gift with a card attached that says “Thank you for being a friend” to go with the rattan furniture and lush palms.

If you’re having a more intimate meeting with just your core team, consider the Golden Girls kitchen backdrop. Look as if you’re sitting at the three-person table with your co-workers while you master your inner Dorothy Zbornak deadpan stare.

And, in case you want to go there, the possibilities are endless for Golden Girls-level awkwardness, too. Just choose Modsy’s Golden Girls bedroom backdrop to really throw your teammates for a loop. But be prepared. It could backfire with some Sophia-level snark when your coworkers start laughing at you. (Should you reply “I’m not going to stand for this," you'll basically be daring them to reply with “Bet you’d lay down for it,” a la Dorothy.)

To install your own little piece of Golden Girls heaven, simply visit Modsy, then scroll down and find your new favorite WFH set-up. Find your fave image and save it to your desktop.

Next, log on to Zoom. To use the picture, you need to make sure you have the right Zoom settings (your Zoom account administrator will need to enable the Virtual Background setting). “When you’re on a Zoom call you’ll be able to change your background by clicking the little arrow next to the 'start video/stop video' button," the Modsy blog explained. Next, select “choose a virtual background” and click the plus button on the right to add your favorite image.

No matter how boring the meeting, Modsy's Golden Girls backdrops will have you echoing Blanche Devereaux: “Isn’t it amazing how I can feel so bad, and still look so good?”