'If You Threw A Party,' You'd Need These Golden Girls Party Supplies

I'm so sad my birthday already happened last week and now I have to wait an entire year before I get to use these amazing Golden Girls party supplies. If you haven't celebrated your birthday yet this year, listen up and don't tune this article out like it's one of Rose's St. Olaf stories.

Picture it... Amazon... 2019. These Golden Girls party supplies come in a Standard Pack for eight guests, a Standard Pack for 16 guests, a Deluxe Pack that includes party favor boxes, and even a Value Pack for just $23.

So what exactly does a pack include? The Standard Pack for eight guests is $35 for 58 pieces of Golden Girls goodness: eight 9" Golden Girls party plates, eight 7" Golden Girls cake plates, eight 9 oz. paper Golden Girls party cups, 16 Golden Girls regular napkins, 16 Golden Girls beverage napkins, a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Golden Girls banner, and even a Golden Girls table cover according to the product description.

If you want the Standard Pack for 16 guests, everything above doubles and it costs $50. The Deluxe Pack has the same amount of pieces as the Standard Pack, but you get those amazing party favor boxes added to your stash and it's just $43. These party favor boxes are a must have, because they include one liners from the girls, including one of my favorites from Blanche: "I've been having a good time and there wasn't even a man in the room," on the outside of what almost looks like a McDonald's Happy Meal box. There are other amazing quotes on the lunch napkins, including the best one from Rose, reminding you that, "The older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana." Well, she's not wrong.

And of course since Dorothy wouldn't want anything less than perfect, all of the materials are good quality so you won't be spilling your cheesecake on the floor because the plate bent. These plates are made of thick paper carton to ensure all your food stays there, and the cups are double-walled to prevent any leaks.

The plates have all four girls on there, reminding your guests to "Live like Rose," "Dress like Blanche," "Think like Dorothy," and "Speak like Sophia," and the beverage napkins and table covers have almost a pop art feel with the girls' faces all over.

If that's still not enough for the ultimate Golden Girls birthday party, you should check out these Golden Girls Shot Glasses to use for a drinking game while watching your favorite episodes (because of course you'll obviously have the show on in the background during your party for everyone to enjoy). Each glass gives you drinking game directions, including "Drink when Blanche mentions Big Daddy," "Drink when Rose says a weird word from St. Olaf," "Drink when Dorothy starts a sentence with Ma," and "Drink when Sophia tells you to picture it... Sicily." Boy, I hope you and your friends have a high alcohol tolerance for this game, because you may end up being like Rose when she drank too much tequila and thought she was part of the movie Fantasia.

So if you threw a Golden Girls themed party and invited everyone you knew, well, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say. "Thank you for being a friend," and it would also say how much I love your decorations and party theme.