Abbie Duggar's Family Photo With Baby Grace Is All About Finding Her Bliss

John David and Abbie Duggar are the latest members of the family to welcome their first baby. Their little girl Grace was born on Jan. 9, and in the weeks since the couple have kept a pretty low profile online. Which makes sense, of course; they need to learn how to be their own new version of their family. And now it seems they've learned just fine, because Abbie Duggar shared a family photo with Grace and John David on Wednesday and both parents look completely ecstatic.

Abbie and John David welcomed daughter Grace Annette, who is named after her mom, on Jan. 9 and were immediately "quite smitten by our new bundle of joy and are soaking in all of her little newborn snuggles," as they wrote on Instagram. Since then, the couple tells Us Weekly that things have just gotten better and better with their little girl, especially with all the help from their large extended family: "Mom and baby are both doing well, and we are very much in love with her! It’s also been so nice to have good advice and help from our families. We are grateful for all the support they’ve shown us in this new and wonderful phase of our life.” On Wednesday they posted their first family photo at home with their daughter on their shared Instagram account.

While the couple captioned the photo, "I think our hearts have grown 10 sizes," they are also willing to be honest about the realities of life with a new baby. For instance, they told Us Weekly in that same interview that they've had a "few long nights" of their baby not sleeping. "Gracie is still trying to figure out the difference between day and night!” Of course, this is sort of par for the course for most babies who are just two weeks old and I'm sure they'll all figure it out.

Certainly Abbie and John David have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter. When they first announced they were expecting a baby girl back in August, John David gushed about his excitement over being a dad to a daughter, as per People:

I’m really looking forward to having a little baby girl around the house. I already have one, now I’m going to have two. I just hope she’s as pretty as her mommy, I know she will be!

What's a little sleep deprivation in the face of seeing your dreams come true?