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$25 Off Coding Robots & More STEAM Toy Deals From Prime Day

Prime Day is theoretically a day for everyone, but let's be honest: Your kids are going to benefit the most. The first thing you'll think when you get to the Amazon site is how much you could save on things for the kids if you shop for them during the sales event; you'll definitely think it once you see how amazing the Amazon Prime Day STEAM toy deals are, anyway. Sigh, parents truly are the most selfless creatures.

Seriously though, STEAM toys will make a great addition to your Prime Day shopping repertoire, both because of the discounts and the longterm benefits. Amazon is one of the most popular toy destinations in the world — I'm sure you just constantly have the site open during your holiday shopping frenzy — and since some STEAM toys can be pretty pricey, buying them at a major discount just makes sense. (Christmas in July really just means Christmas shopping in July, spread the word.) And you can think of any STEAM toy you buy as an investment since they're designed to help your growing kiddo develop to their full potential. It's a win for everyone.

Prime Day offers discounts on millions of products, toys and tech included, so why not use the event to make toy shopping a little less burdensome on your wallet? Read on to see some of the best deals this year.

$41 Off Green Alternative Energy Electronics Exploration Kit

Your kiddos can explore the use of more than 40 circuit parts that promote green energy including solar panels, LED lights, a hand crank, and rechargeable batteries. This kit allows for kids to build their own clean energy projects using the pieces in the kit.

$12 Off Klutz Lego Gadgets Science & Activity Kit

This book will guide kids through building 11 different working machines and gadgets using 58 compatible LEGO pieces, as well as provide open-ended prompts to get kids creating their own machines.

$59 Off Water Garden Beta Fish Ecosystem Kit

Budding botanists can grow their very own plants in this aqua garden kit that doubles as a fish tank. The plants grow using fish waste and demonstrate for kids how plants have the ability to keep the water fresh for their fish. Included in the kit are 11 pages of STEM information about plants and marine life.

$9 Off PANLOS Engineering Robot

This STEM robot kit is much like a cross between a LEGO set and a Transformer. Kids can build their own robot with moveable parts using 12 included car sets that combine to create one robot. The reviews state that the pieces in this kit are also compatible with traditional LEGO bricks.

$25 Off Evo App-Connected Coding Robot

This tiny robot teaches kids coding skills with its app-connection capabilities. Evo comes with certain tricks preloaded such as light shows and spinning, but kids can use their coding skills to teach their robot new tricks using either the connected app or by using screen-less color coding.

$11 Off SunFounder Arduino Robotics Dancing Sloth

A dancing sloth? Count me in! Kids can code this two-legged creature to do different dance moves, move in multiple directions, move its eyes, and more.

$10 Off PACKGOUT STEM Toys Remote Control Tank Building Kit

Kids can build their very own remote controlled tank using this STEM building kit. The kit comes complete with instructions for how to assemble the tank and allow it to be controlled by the wireless remote.

$18 Off AmScope Dual LED Light Student Microscope Package

Science experiments just got a bit easier thanks to this microscope kit, which includes everything kids need to examine their findings up close. Your purchase includes elements for creating slides, as well as slides that are already ready to examine.

$6 Off 112-Piece Marble Maze Kit

A good, old-fashioned marble run kit can keep kids busy for hours with 122 pieces that can be moved around to create endless combinations of mazes for marbles to roll through.

$7 Off Gvento Magnetic Tiles 110 Pieces

If your kid loves Magna-Tiles, this set of 110 magnetic shapes will surely please their building curiosity and help spark plenty of STEM interaction as they create multiple designs with this set.