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Amy Schumer Says She Can't Watch 'Handmaid's Tale' Anymore & Moms Are Relating Hard

There's this thing that sometimes happens when you have a baby. Your taste changes. The parts of your brain that used to be able to switch off if you were watching a movie about, say, a child abduction or anything else to do with babies suddenly switches into high gear. Because now you have one of those little people yourself and the thought of anyone taking your baby isn't just some terrible, separate thing but a cold, very real fear. So, much like Amy Schumer, you have to adjust your TV watching. In fact, in a new Instagram post, Amy Schumer said she can't watch Handmaid's Tale now that she's a mom, perhaps because it just cuts a bit too close to the bone.

The I Feel Pretty actress and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, welcomed their baby boy Gene Atewell Fischer together on May 5. He is the first child for both parents, and so as we all know, there tends to be something of a learning curve. Like giving a baby his first bath for instance. On May 25, Schumer shared a photo of the little family of three after giving baby Gene his first bath; the parents were soaked from head to foot while the baby looked nice and snug in a towel.

And let's not forget her posts about the joys of pumping breast milk. Those are always a delight.

Now that little Gene has hit the one-month mark, it makes sense that his mother is probably feeling pretty attached to him. Getting comfortable in her new role as a mother, getting accustomed to really loving this tiny human that needs you to do literally everything for them.

And so it makes sense that she might struggle watching the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, a series based on Margaret Atwood's dystopian story of a world where the few fertile women are forced into servitude to get pregnant and give those babies to their wealthy owners. It's a great series, but apparently not so easy to watch when you're cradling your own little baby in your arms.

Schumer shared a photo of herself curled up with her sleeping baby boy on Instagram with the caption: "Oh ok so I can't watch handmaids anymore. #filledwithregret."

Other moms reached out to admit they also have a hard time watching the show, like singer Brandi Carlile who wrote in response to Schumer's post, "EXACTLY. That is what I keep talking about. It’s called 'debilitating empathy.'"

Another social media user admitted, "I was pregnant along with June and [I] cried so hard at every episode. Debilitating empathy is real."

Fortunately, Schumer is clearly having a pretty great time with Gene, so it's obviously not such a terrible trade-off.

Debilitating empathy is essentially when you can connect so deeply with someone else' situation that it ends up harming your own emotional well-being, according to Psychology Today. And since new mothers are at what could well be the most emotional moment of their lives, it makes so much sense that their levels of empathy would be off the charts.

Amy Schumer should take heart, however. In my experience, as your children get older your empathy levels off and you get a bit of perspective. She could well return to watching The Handmaid's Tale with the rest of us in a few months. For now... there's a sweet baby to cuddle, so I'm sure she's fine.