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Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer's Proposal Story Will Make You Believe In Love

Proposals are sort of the worst. In my experience, and I've had a couple I'll tell you about it later, proposals are basically like if New Year's Eve only happened to you and you were only going to get one so you have to make it count. It's too much pressure to perform for both parties. Because you know this is a story everyone is going to ask about even if they don't care so it has to be great. But apparently this was not a big concern for one comedian. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer's proposal story is next level reality, and I really hope you can handle it because I sort of loved it.

The pregnant comedian recently opened up in her hilarious Netflix special Growing, where she shared a whole lot more about her life (and that's saying something because Schumer isn't known for being overly private). In the past, the Trainwreck actress has been open about her dating life, but of course things are a little different now. She and chef Chris Fischer were married in February 2018 in a quiet ceremony. So quiet, in fact, that Schumer told People she notified family and friends via text saying, "I'm getting married on Tuesday. Hope you can come."

To be perfectly honest, the wedding texts were totally on brand for the couple, especially considering Fischer's proposal. As Schumer explained in Growing, as per Entertainment Tonight:

He kind of threw the ring box at me and he goes, 'I got you this.' And I open it and he goes, 'Do you want me to get down on one knee?' And I was like, 'I guess not.' And then I went back to sleep.

While that might not sound like Prince Charming waking Snow White with a kiss, in fairness he did apparently wake her up so it's sort of the same.

I think the moral of the story here is the proposal shouldn't matter as much as the relationship does. And these two seem to have a pretty solid relationship. The couple worked together through Fischer's Autism Spectrum Disorder, which Schumer noted in Growing was diagnosed in the early days of their relationship, as per In Style:

I knew from the beginning that my husband’s brain was a little different than mine. My husband was diagnosed with what used to be called Asperger’s. He has autism spectrum disorder. He’s on the spectrum. And there were some signs early on.

Schumer made it clear that she sees all of those qualities as a blessing; like Fischer's refreshing honesty, as per Entertainment Tonight:

Once he was diagnosed, it dawned on me how funny it was, because all of the characteristics that make it clear that he's on the spectrum are all of the reasons that I fell madly in love with him. That's the truth. He says whatever is on his mind. He keeps it so real. He doesn't care about social norms or what you expect him to say or do.

Schumer and Fischer might not do rom-com romance, but they do real life romance. And I am so down with that.