Amy Schumer Reveals What She Considers Her "First Of Many Failures" As A Mom & LOL

During a recent interview on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show, Amy Schumer joked that her son's name mishap that's given her fans a much-needed laugh was the "first of many failures" she expects will come along with motherhood.

In case you missed it, earlier this month Schumer explained on her podcast 3 Girls 1 Keith that she and Fischer had named their 11-month-old son Gene Attell Fischer to honor her friend and fellow comedian Dave Attell. But as she recently told Stern, the new parents realized their son's name actually sounded like "genital" about a month after he was born.

"You're like the new parents, and just kind of tired and in ecstasy," Schumer told Stern. And I don't know if some troll on the internet or somebody... and I read it and I was like, 'Oh my God.'" Eventually, Schumer also saw the connection that her son's full name, Gene Attell Fischer, sounded a bit like "genital fissure."

But Schumer is taking the hilarious oops moment in stride and told Stern that the accidental name mishap was simply "the first of many failures" she expects to make as a parent.

Schumer and Fischer have since legally changed their little boy's middle name to David, as she explained in an April 14 episode of her podcast, which still honors their friend David Attell as well as Schumer's father, Gordon David, while also avoiding any awkward connections to genital fissures. So she rectified the mistake and really, isn't that half the battle as a parent?

The Trainwreck star also opened up during her interview with Stern about her new at-home cooking show for the Food Network with her professional chef husband, Amy Schumer Learns To Cook. The show, which premieres on May 11, will see Fischer teach Schumer how to cook and was apparently filmed by the couple's nanny. And although they tried to shoot it while Gene was asleep, Schumer said "he wakes up and guess what? He's on the show."

It's probably safe to say that Schumer is a mom who just rolls with it. If you accidentally name your kid "genital fissure," change it. If he wakes up while she's trying to work, then so be it.