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Amy Schumer's Son Gene Reminds Us To Check Our Voter Status In Utterly Cute Photo

by Brianna Wiest
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As the 2020 presidential election nears, more and more celebrities are using their influence and platform to share important messages about how American voters can and should get involved. And some celeb babies are getting in on the fun, too. In fact, Amy Schumer shared a new photo of her baby boy, Gene, to bring awareness to National Voter Registration Day, which happens to be today — Tuesday, Sept. 24. Beyond being an adorable photo of her son, Schumer's 5-month-old reminded her followers to make sure they are signed up to vote.

In the photo, Schumer's son, whom she welcomed in May with her husband Chris Fischer, Gene is wearing a red sweatband, white onesie, and a blue and white starred bib. And in the photo's caption, Schumer wrote, "17 million people had their voter registrations canceled since the 2016 election checking your voter status is just as important as registering!" The comedian also shared a link to check if you're registered.

National Voter Registration Day happens each year on the fourth Tuesday of September, according to Newsweek. The day, as the name suggests, aims to encourage individuals to register, or check to see if their registration has expired. Each state has different rules regarding where, and when voters can register, but increasingly, more states allow you to register online. However, states all have differing deadlines, many of which range between seven to 30 days prior to an election. However, today's push for registration, as baby Gene's new patriotic photo relayed, is a reminder not to delay checking in or getting registered.

This is hardly the first time Schumer has used her celeb mama status to bring awareness to important issues. In fact, she used her entire pregnancy as an advocacy tool, both for personal and political matters. As you may recall, she literally uploaded videos of herself vomiting on Instagram to raise awareness for hyperemesis gravidarum. And she did something similar for her pregnancy announcement. Back in October, Schumer directed friends and followers to journalist Jessica Yellin's Instagram, who posted Schumer's recommendations for the upcoming midterm elections. At the end, Schumer added: "I'm pregnant - Amy Schumer."

Schumer, who came into fame as a comedian, has recently taken a more serious role in politicizing her influence. For example, as Entertainment Tonight reported, after President Donald Trump had been voted into office, she expressed her feelings regarding the 2016 presidential election results in a candid Instagram post. "Like the rest of us, I am grieving today. My heart is in a million pieces. My heart breaks for my niece and my friends who are pregnant bringing children into the world right now," she wrote on Instagram at the time, adding that she felt Trump's opponent, Hilary Clinton, "would have taken care of us."

And when it came time for Schumer to likewise welcome her own children into the world, it seems she took an even fiercer stance. Now, Schumer has become synonymous with her political influence, and as far as kids are concerned, there's no question her son will be very proud of her as he gets older.

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