Jeff Daly/ABC

Andi & Nick's Reunite On 'The Bachelor'

After literal weeks of teasing Andi's surprise appearance, Tuesday's episode finally revealed the outcome of Andi and Nick's reunion on The Bachelor. In the original promos, Andi showed up at Nick's door with a terse, "Hello, Nick," causing many fans to wonder what was up and what she wanted. But instead of an altercation between exes, Andi was there to give Nick advice going forward and actually have a logical and helpful conversation with him to help him the rest of the way this season.

Andi and Nick's history goes back to Season 10 of The Bachelorette where Nick first appeared to try and win her heart. He made it to the final two, but lost to fellow contestant Josh Murray and later returned to the franchise for Season 11 of The Bachelorette. But in Andi's tell-all book, she wrote about an awkward fantasy suite date with Nick and got into some embarrassing details. Of course this was after Nick mentioned it on After the Finale Rose, so yeah, I'd say they didn't leave things on the best of terms.

Still, Andi's reason for going on The Bachelor wasn't to spark up new drama or even to put herself in the running. Nick revealed to Andi his worries about choosing a woman at the end and even alluded to not picking anyone, even though we all know that's not going to happen. But instead of being there to confront him about their past at a time where Nick is most vulnerable, Andi showed up to kind of check in and see where the Bachelor's head was at.

Things could have taken such an awkward and whiskey-induced turn when Nick and Andi reunited on The Bachelor, but instead it was the healthiest interaction the two have had in a long time. It almost made you wish Andi really was there to stir the pot and try to get that Neil Lane engagement ring from her former Bachelorette runner-up.

Of course, Andi brought up the time Nick called her out for sleeping with him on their fantasy suite date, but he apologized and the tone remained light as she advised him to do the usual: follow his heart, pick the right woman, don't let his fears get in the way, etc. It seemed to help Nick, so Andi's appearance on The Bachelor wasn't for nothing, and in a way, it brought a little more closure to their former relationship.