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5-Month-Old Baby Archie Is Apparently Keeping His Parents Pretty "Busy"

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have finally started their tour of Africa and they are looking gloriously happy. As happy as they did on their wedding day back in May 2018, which is really saying something. Of course, the pair have a pretty special bond with the continent considering they fell in love there back in 2017, which is incredibly romantic. If you're thinking this trip is all about romance for the couple, however, think again. Because they're parents now, and it seems as though baby Archie is keeping Meghan Markle and Prince Harry pretty "busy" these days. And since this is the 5-month-old little boy's first big official royal tour, any parent who has traveled with a baby can tell you — it's a whole lot tougher on the road.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visiting Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday and stopped in for afternoon tea with locals in the Bo Kaap neighborhood, according to CNN. Markle wore a purple flower in her hair and looked incredibly relaxed, perhaps because she's away from the United Kingdom and all of the difficult press coverage she's been bombarded with since marrying Prince Harry and becoming an official member of the royal family.

Or perhaps simply because she was enjoying a little adult time on her holiday while her son Archie was being taken care of by the nanny. She did reportedly tell the other people at the table during her tea visit, according to People, that, "Our plate is full with a five month old at the moment — so busy!"

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Since the couple landed in South Africa on Monday, they've been following a pretty rigid schedule for the past few days. Which must feel exciting for Markle on the one hand, but also a bit strange since she's been on maternity leave with her little boy throughout the summer. She officially ended her maternity leave when she launched her capsule collection of women's work-friendly clothing to support one of her charitable patronages Smart Works on Sept. 12, according to Vanity Fair, but otherwise she's been keeping a pretty low profile. Now that Markle is not only finished with her maternity leave but also touring Africa with her husband and son for a royal tour, I imagine her plate is feeling incredibly full.

But like everything else in her life, I suspect she can handle that work/life balance like the accomplished woman she has proven to be. After all, even while on maternity leave with her firstborn son she managed to be the guest editor for the September issue of British Vogue, worked with fellow designers to come up with her now famous capsule collection, and managed to meet Beyoncé when she was in town to promote Lion King.

Clearly whatever Archie is dishing out his mom can take it.

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Naturally it helps that Markle has a significant amount of support from people like nannies and assistants on her African tour with baby Archie to lend a hand, as Metro reported. But let's face it: As Archie's parents, the full pressure of dealing with a baby on an extended trip like this falls squarely on Markle and Prince Harry's shoulders. And I suspect they wouldn't have it any other way.